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The BOTE Axiom

The BOTE Axiom


What is more calming than the sweet and quiet sound of water? Find your inner peace and take your personal fitness to the next level on the BOTE Axiom.

SUP fitness and yoga is one of the fastest growing workout trends. BOTE Boards took note of this and wanted to create the perfect board for all yoga and fitness needs. From a full deck pad, to paddle strap, to Stashpod, the BOTE Axiom is the ultimate fitness platform. 

BOTE started out with its classic stable platform and added a full deck pad. The full deck pad allows you to maximize the use of the board from tip to tail. You can do full plank poses and widen your stance for an extra challenge. The full pad also comes in handy if you want to paddle with Fido! The paddle strap on the side gives you the freedom to paddle out and free your hands and board for your fitness routine, and you'll never have to worry about your paddle falling off or floating away again. The Stashpod is newly integrated and offers a place for your keys, smaller fitness accessories, and is a great place to hold your water. Hydration is very important when it comes to working out. The BOTE Axiom also has bungees on the front and back of the board to hold all of the gear you might need.

The 2015 BOTE Axiom comes in 2 sizes, 10'6" and 12', capable of stabalizing the fitness entusiasts big and small. Both sizes come standard with all features. (Paddle not included)

BOTE Boards Co-Founder Magda Cooper can tell you, this is the most functional and versatile fitness board on the market.

Whether looking to meditate and reach your inner warrior, or just paddling around for fun- The BOTE Axiom is the board for you.

Get zen on the BOTE Axiom HERE, and check out BOTE Board's Yoga and Fitness Ambassador Alina Flor.


Published on Monday, March 30, 2015 in News, Stories