Inflatable Micro Skiffs

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Meet the patented Rover Aero Inflatable Micro Skiff, constructed with AeroBOTE™ Technology and two-chamber construction so you know it's highly durable, packable, and compatible with nearly every accessory offered in the BOTE line up.

When your life calls for a micro skiff but your travels and storage options say otherwise, you need the Rover Aero Inflatable Micro Skiff. The unique design features a rocker nose, recessed cockpit, and flat bottom so you can move efficiently and stay stable whether you're stand up paddling or cruising with a motor. Plus, it's loaded with features to secure your gear for every expedition, including the Paddle Sheath, Sandspear™ Sheath, and Motorac.

What's your Rover Aero style? Is it enduring and free of distractions, like the Classic Teak? Or is it bold, powerful, and a hell of a lot of fun like the Bug SlingerTM Glider or Redfish? Whether you're paddling, fishing, or motoring your way across the globe, the Rover Aero Inflatable Micro Skiff has your back.