Traveller Paddle Boards & Touring SUPs

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Go the distance with the Traveller Epoxy Solid Paddle Board. With a low center of gravity and agile yet stable design, it's the best paddle board for long distance paddling and training, with or without gear.

Not your average touring SUP, the unique design of the Traveller Epoxy includes a double concave hull, low profile bow, and the narrowest shape of our entire fleet. When combined, these features allow you to maintain control while gaining speed and cut through chop. Offered in two lengths (12'6" and 14') with a capacity reaching up to 315 lbs., the Traveller Epoxy helps you go farther, faster.

Now, let's talk style. You can't go wrong with the Classic, featuring faux wood inlay paired with bright white and seafoam accents. But you could spice it up with the Native series, offering blocks of color matched with subtle patterns like lime green-forward layered print (Native Shatter), sunset-inspired waves (Native Waves), or coastal watercolor (Native Watercolor). Whatever your style, go farther, faster, with the Traveller Epoxy Solid Paddle Board.