HD Gatorshell Paddle Boards

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HD Gatorshell Paddle Boards

Built for beginners, part-timers, smaller paddlers, and growing paddlers, we don't call the Breeze Gatorshell Solid Paddle Board the 'flagship of fun' for nothing. Clocking in at the most accessible price point in our solid SUP fleet, it’s the perfect paddle board for those who like to dabble in all the activities.

When designing the Breeze Gatorshell, we stripped away what we deemed nonessential for beginner and part-time paddlers but kept the important stuff, like front bungees, cooler tie-downs, a leash attachment point on the tail, and a planing style hull. Designed in one compact size, 10'6", and weighing just 31 lbs, portability is a breeze. Plus, finding your footing comes naturally with a highly stable 32" wide platform.

The Breeze Gatorshell is offered in two of our best-selling style options. First up is Classic Teak, featuring faux wood inlay across the deck and wrapped in signature seafoam for a pop of color. Next, Full Trax Aqua incorporates a full-length deck pad for maximum traction paired with aqua accents. When you don't require a suite of compatibility options or excess weight weighing you down, double down on quality and stand apart with the Breeze Gatorshell.

If you're all about the lifestyle, the HD Solid Paddle Board embodies it. From paddle board fishing to SUP yoga and sunset paddles, the stability, size, and compatibility options on this solid paddle board are unmatched.

The HD Solid Paddle Board comes enforced with Gatorshell™ Technology for durability, a displacement hull to cut through the water as efficiently as possible, and a BVA multi-textured deck pad for grip and comfort. We also built in the essentials, like a Stashpod™ and Paddle Sheath™, and made it compatible with nearly every BOTE accessory. Offered in two sizes, 10'6" (240 lb. capacity) and 12' (315 lb. capacity), if there were a one-size-fits-most solid paddle board that doubles as a do-it-all SUP, you can't beat the HD Solid Paddle Board for its speed, stability, and versatility.

Let's talk style. The Classic Teak design includes a timeless faux wood inlay topped with a seafoam deck pad for a fresh punch of color. It's a tale as old as time, but you just can't go wrong with a deep blue and classic white combination. Go classic but keep it coastal with Native Whale Shark. If you're a little bit rock ‘n roll but also all about fly fishing, opt for the Bug Slinger™ Echo. Last but certainly not least, we give you the Full Trax Citron, providing full traction across the board---literally. Do what you love to do on the water with the SUP design that literally broke the mold, the HD Solid Paddle Board.