Rackham Gatorshell Paddle Boards

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Our most feature-rich platform to date, the Rackham Solid Paddle Board keeps you stable and stealthy through even the harshest paddling conditions. With ample deck space, thick rails, and a displacement hull, it's the ideal waterman's SUP and best paddle board for heavy riders.

Offered in two sizes with incredible weight capacities--350lbs on the 12' and 400 lbs on the 14' SUP--look no further than the Rackham Solid Paddle Board for your next adventure. Designed in ultra-tough Gatorshell™ Technology, this fishing machine comes feature-rich and equipped for ample compatibility options, including the Sandspear™, Power-Pole® Micro, Wheel Rac™, and Power Rac.

What's your Rackham style? Encased in a modern military spin on classic camouflage, blend in with the elements but stand apart from the ordinary with the Verge Camo. Keep it clean and sleek with the Classic Teak or Classic, featuring faux wood inlay and bold or subtle color blocking. Or, get wild with the Bug SlingerTM series, available in a cool dorado skin-inspired treatment (Dorado) or redfish skin-inspired treatment (Redfish). Created for SUP fishing expeditions and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, the Rackham Solid Paddle Board is the ultimate waterman's SUP.