Solid Micro Skiffs

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Hey, man. Can you put a motor on that? The answer is, finally, hell yes. A platform designed to help you go farther, faster, we give you the Rover Gatorshell Micro Skiff. Whether hunting, fishing, or exploring the unknown, it's the do-it-all platform you can use as a classic SUP, propel faster with a motor, load with gear, and lock in with our suite of attachments.

The Rover Gatorshell Micro Skiff stands apart for its size, capacity (500 lbs), and ability to carry a 6 to 9.9hp motor. We placed a recessed cockpit on a displacement hull with a deep-v nose, so you can slice through the water efficiently, regardless of speed. All that, plus unique features like a SUP Lift Handle™ and compatibility with a suite of accessories including the Grab Rac™ and Wheel Rac™.

Choose your Rover style. You can't go wrong with the Classic or Classic Teak, featuring our signature faux wood inlay paired with striking blocks of color. Blend in (but always stand apart) with the Verge Camo, a modern military spin on classic camouflage. Last but certainly not least, opt for the glider-inspired Bug Slinger™ Glider for the ultimate fly fishing machine. A BOTE like no other, it's the Rover Gatorshell Micro Skiff.