Inflatable Docks

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BOTE Inflatable Docks

Simple, stable, durable, and versatile. The Inflatable Dock is an all-in-one swim platform, outdoor yoga platform, and portable dock. Our Inflatable Docks arrive at your doorstep rolled into an easy-to-carry burrito bag with grab straps, making the Inflatable Dock the most portable swim platform on the market.

Offered in three sizes and made from military-grade PVC skin with a slip-resistant deck, the Inflatable Dock increases your real estate on the water without compromising storage space at home. The Dock 10 offers 100 feet of surface space and 1,500 lbs. of capacity for you and your water toys, or a few friends, Aero Chairs, and a KULA or two. Our intermediate size option, the Dock 7, creates 49 feet of surface space and clocks in at just 35 lbs--making it ideal for water-loving couples. Our nimblest option, the Dock FX, is the perfect portable SUP yoga and outdoor fitness platform, measuring 8' long and 3' wide with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Once you choose your size, choose your style. Each Inflatable Dock size comes in Classic (seafoam, cool gray, and teak-inspired deck pad) and Native (think Classic elements with a retro stripe spin). The Dock FX also offers a third Full Trax style. Whatever your style or lifestyle, amplify your space and time on the water with an Inflatable Dock.