BOTE Presents //
gatorproof 10.0

Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Tyler Trant
Director & Script: Wil Beaucher
Producer: Skye Bailey

Murph, the famous gator wrangler and founder of the Gatorproof Alliance, was once known as the messiah of alligators. He became obsessed with discovering something impervious to the brutal strength of a gator bite. After finding the KULA Cooler, the only product to ever be certified gator-proof, nothing else even came close. After years of fruitless tests, he suddenly dropped off the grid, not to be heard from again. Seven years later, the rumors of a mentally unstable Murph got to his old friend Manny Puig, who had been searching for the one thing that could bring Murph back to reality, and society: something gator-proof.

After tracking Murph to a shack in the middle of the Florida Everglades, Manny realized he had his work cut out for him, as Murph’s time off the grid hadn’t been kind to him. Years of drinking, smoking, and solitude had morphed the one-time gator-whisperer into a micro-thin shell of his former self.

Even with his close to non-existent grasp on reality, the sight of the KULA 10 that Manny presented was enough to reignite the fire in Murph’s eyes. He was far from ready to jump back into the game, but now he had a reason to do whatever it took to get there. Manny’s unwavering commitment to getting Murph back in shape was the inspiration needed to bring an out-of-touch Icon back to his glory. It was a long road, but the pair’s hard work finally paid off, and Murph was in better mental and physical shape than he’d ever been. The time had come to put the KULA 10 to the ultimate test.

But if this KULA actually proves to be Gatorproof, what does the future hold for Murph? Is he destined to spiral back down to obscurity, or will he finally find inner peace?


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