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Mothership :: Happy Mother's Day!

magda and baby on board magda and baby in water paddle boarding in bayou mom and son paddle boarding

As a mother, you tend to be the ship that keeps your family afloat, which is an endless responsibility. In today’s world that often means balancing the demands of family, work and personal needs, such as exercise and relaxation. To say that multitasking is the new norm is an understatement.

A great example of this forever multitasking woman is BOTE COO, Magda Cooper. Between family, exercise, and running a business, her plate is always full. To make all of these responsibilities work together, she makes the most of her personal and family time by living the outdoor lifestyle with her kids right by her side. Magda has made paddling a family affair by taking her toddler with her on the front of her paddle board and her son often paddles along side on his board. Getting kids out on the water can help teach them to appreciate nature and wildlife, get them interested in protecting the environment, and teach them good habits about staying in-shape.

magda and ava blacks island

magda and tristian race

"My board is the perfect platform to bring my kids out with me when I want to exercise but not leave them at home. I try to set an example for them to get outside more instead of sitting in front of the TV, and there is no better way to do that than bringing them along!" says Cooper. 

When the family isn’t around or you get a little alone time, paddling can provide that much needed respite to recharge your batteries. A little solitude can go a long way towards keeping your sanity in this hectic world. Since paddling is so convenient and easy, it can help provide that perfect get away at a moments notice.

"My board is also a sanctuary of sorts for me. It's the best way to get out and have some quality 'me' time to decompress and just enjoy the water,” Cooper explains.  

A mother's work is never done, but for those who can find the time between raising their children and juggling everyday life to get outside, we just want to say….you are badass! So this Mother's Day, get out on your board and celebrate yourself! 

magda and baby race

magda and baby travelink



Published on Friday, May 06, 2016 in Stories