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Meet the TRAVELLER Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

Wherever you want to go, the Traveller Aero Inflatable Paddle Board helps you go farther. The touring paddle board is reimagined as an inflatable SUP that helps you go the distance on the water and travels any distance thanks to its ease of portability. It’s highly stable platform makes it the perfect companion for fitness paddling and leisurely hanging out on the water.

Classic Teak

Available in 12′6″


It’s stable, it’s agile, it’s 12’6” of smooth movement. With a weight capacity of 275 lbs., the Traveller Aero Inflatable Paddle Board was designed to travel to the ends of the earth, both on and off the water. It’s highly stable, thanks to its thick rails and a flat bottom hull, but doesn’t compromise your mobility, with center and side fins to increase tracking plus an entry rocker nose to shed water. The sleep and slim design is constructed with AeroBOTETM Technology and packs down into a portable carry bag that fits into the trunk of your car.


Traveller Aero is for the expeditionists who push boundaries and take their paddle ventures farther than mainstream outdoor enthusiasts. We've combined the sleek and agile design of our epoxy Traveller, with the portability and durability of our AeroBOTE technology to create an inflatable platform built to carry you to the end of the earth.


We've outfitted Traveller Aero with both center and side fins to give you increased tracking, along with a flat bottom and entry rocker to make it stable as hell even in the roughest of waters.


Offered in a Classic and Classic Teak style, The Traveller is wrapped in our signature faux wood with nods of seafoam and burnt orange on both the top and bottom of the board. You can’t go wrong with the Classic faux wood design, and you also can’t go wrong with the Classic Teak faux wood design, so consider yourself in a win/win situation when selecting your style. These timeless designs will surely make you stand apart and go the distance with the Traveller Aero Inflatable Paddle Board.

Key Features

New Feature

Take advantage of our MAGNEPOD™ accessory lineup with BOTE's latest innovation, the MAGNEPOD™.

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Grab Handles

Redesigned to be the most comfortable Grab Handle found on any paddlecraft. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board.

Front & REAR Bungees

Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear and are available on all of our board and kayak models.

Travelink™ Compatible

Travelink™ SUP Carry System Compatible to transport your BOTE hands-free over long distances safely and ergonomically with ease.

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Detachable Aero Center Fin

A center fin that is removable with a tethered attachment pin to allow for ease of transport and storage.


These fins are molded into the hull for increased tracking.

Entry Rocker

All inflatable boards have an entry rocker style hull. The entry rocker is designed to keep the board nose up and shed water.

BVA Foam Deck Pad

The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction.

Tie-Down Points

Tie down points on the deck of the board, perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear).

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Paddle Sheath

Located in the bow of the board, the Paddle Sheath holds the blade end of the paddle, freeing up the hands for other activities.

Rac Compaitble

Rac mounting points compatible with all BOTE Rac accessories.
*Excludes Rocket Rac.

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Wheel Rac Compatible

The Wheel Rac was designed to make transporting your BOTE and your gear easy and simple by rolling instead of carrying. Balloon tires allow you to glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort.

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Made with AeroBOTE

Constructed with our Aero Technology™ to ensure peak rigidity and performance.

Two-Year Warranty

If our product isn't performing as it should, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

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AeroBOTE Technology

Our portable, highly durable AeroBOTE inflatable technology lets you take adventure with you wherever you go.

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Free Shipping

Go ahead, make it yours! FREE shipping on orders over $100 in the contiguous U.S., including freight.

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30-Day Aero Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied. Try it for 30 days and if for any reason you aren't happy, return it to us.
Returns subject to a restocking fee. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Compare MODELS

Traveller Aero vs Traveller Epoxy

COMPARE Traveller Aero 12'6" Traveller Epoxy 12'6" Traveller Epoxy 14'




Technical Specs


12′6″ L × 30″ W × 6″ D

12′6″ L × 28″ W × 6″ D

14′ L × 29.5″ W × 7″ D

Avg. Weight

30 LBS

34 LBS

42 LBS


275 LBS

275 LBS

315 LBS




Hull Design

Single Chamber
with Entry Rocker

Displacement Hull
with Recessed Deck

Displacement Hull
with Recessed Deck


Travelink™ Compatible
Tackle Rac Compatible
Bucket Rac Compatible
Wheel Rac Compatible
Side Bite Fin Compatible

Integrated Into Hull


Paddle Sheath
BVA Foam Deck Pad
Bungee Straps
Detachable Center Fin
Cooler Tie-Down Points
Grab Handle

Nose, Center, & Tail

Center Grab Handle Only

Center Grab Handle Only

Cooler Tie-Down Points
Travelink™ Storage Points