The Ultimate BOTE Lineup to Level Up Your Fourth of July

Picture this: It’s a sunny summer day. Better yet, it’s a sunny Fourth of July weekend. You’re hanging out with your best buds, your beer-drinking compadres, your family, your furbaby, whoever it is that turns a good weekend into one for the books. You have hotdogs on the grill, a cooler filled with brewskis (preferably BOTE Beer), and all the essentials for a smores cookoff. You took Monday off. Hell, you might even take Tuesday off.

Can you taste the good times yet? Now level it up by taking it to the water.

We curated the ultimate lineup of BOTE products to level up your July 4th weekend, bringing you the best of the best SUP boards to fish off of, lounge on, catapult from, and all-around enjoy the hell out of. This Fourth of July, do something other than a backyard barbecue. Try BOTE-ifying your holiday.

Rackham Gatorshell & Rackham Aero Paddle Boards

The Mission: Hook a fish on our most feature-rich fishing paddle board.

This Independence Day, don’t choose between stability and capacity when it comes to angler paddling. The Rackham Paddle Board, available in a variety of sizes and construction materials, has all the snaps, straps, and inserts you need to gear up and travel out to the most secret and rewarding fishing holes out there.


Coming in at two (rather sizable) sizes—a 12-footer and a 14-footer—the Rackham Gatorshell is a beast, a brute, a bona fide sea monster perfect for reeling in your own little “sea monsters” of choice. With incredible weight capacities of 350 lbs and 400 lbs respectively, the Rackham Solid Paddle Board knows two things in this world: 1) How to handle whatever type of backwater excursion you throw at it, and 2) How to maximize a dizzying array of add-on features to be the ultimate fishing paddle board. A truly customizable SUP board, the Rackham is what you make it. So, make it awesome.


The inflatable versions of the Rackham have undergone some pretty major (and majorly awesome) upgrades over the years.

First up, the Rackham 12’4” is new and improved with two substantial differences: the addition of APEX Pedal Drive compatibility and the ability to add a seat. Because why wouldn’t our most heavy-hitting, heavy-duty inflatable paddle board be able to also convert into a sit-down, hands-free, pedal-powered watercraft? It’s everything you want out of a paddle board with everything you need out of a kayak, working in harmony to reshape the way you enjoy the water.

The Rackham 11’ on the other hand is a prime example of the power of downsizing. Shorter. Lighter. Better? We’ll let you be the judge of that one. But one thing is for sure: the reimagined Rackham Aero 11' made our most popular fishing paddle board more accessible to a wider audience. AKA, we’ll see you out there.

"Awesome fly fishing setup. I’ve had a handful of trips to get that thing broken in and I am very pleased with its performance. This is my first SUP and this one is more stable than expected. I like all the attachment points for coolers and accessories. Makes this really easy to get set up the way I want it. Definitely recommend!"

- Brett W.

Rover Gatorshell & Rover Aero micro skiffs

The Mission: Pop a motor on this SUP board and venture far out.

This Independence Day, don’t choose between stability and capacity when it comes to angler paddling. The Rackham Paddle Board, available in a variety of sizes and construction materials, has all the snaps, straps, and inserts you need to gear up and travel out to the most secret and rewarding fishing holes out there.


From the familiar to the unknown, let the Rover Micro Skiff take you farther and faster this holiday weekend. Thanks to its high-performance design and motor compatibility, the Rover is the ultimate SUP for adventure. Perfect for super shallow waters, meet your friends at a sandbar without the hassle of an actual boat, or travel out for some peace and quiet for a change.

This versatile skiff is perfect for someone looking to live the water lifestyle, particularly those anglers wanting to travel off-land. It’s easy to paddle, super stable, and can be packed down with all your needs.


When your life calls for a micro skiff but your travels and storage options say otherwise, you need the Rover Aero Inflatable Micro Skiff. Constructed with AeroBOTE™ Technology and two-chamber construction, this skiff/dingy/tender/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is the most portable micro skiff on the market. AKA, have a blast.

"I’ve had my Rover now for a little over a year, and I am incredibly impressed with its handling whether you’re standing or sitting and the fact that I can creep into water less than a foot deep is a major plus. And with the motor up or down, I can stand on either side, and it’s not tippy. I can also stand on the front and paddle with the greatest of ease. Oh yeah, and don’t forget you can surf it like a powered surfboard. Lots of fun. I give this one five stars.

- Michael G.

The Hangout suite

The Mission: Lounge, launch, and live it up this July 4th.

Whether you’re hanging with friends or lounging with a posse of family and kids, make sure you have at least one piece of the Hangout Suite party puzzle this Fourth of July. Perfect for beach trips, lake days, and river floating, the Hangout Suite is to summer-staple as MJ is to basketball.


A refreshed version of our original Dock Hangout, the Hangout 240 is the Big Kahuna of the Hangout Suite. At 10-feet in circumference 900 lbs in carrying capacity, this bad boy is the ultimate party float.


Did someone say “match made in heaven”? The Hangout 120 nestles perfectly against the Hangout 240 to make a complete 360º “round table” so that you can enjoy every minute of relaxation with your crew.


The Hangout Bar is one of the smallest yet coolest pieces in the Hangout Suite, built to perfectly hold a KULA 5 Cooler in the middle and features 4 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points to keep your drinks from falling over. Plays incredibly nicely with others.*


We say this with the utmost sincerity: Lounging never had it so good. The Hangout Lounge features a removable and adjustable seatback to allow you to treat it like a poolside chaise lounge… but in the water.


The Hangout Couch is an L-shaped, right-angled couch-extraordinaire. Connect two together, and you’ve got an angular half-moon of hang-out awesome sauce.


An Adirondack chair halfway submerged yet floating in the water? Yeah, don’t mind if we do. The Hangout Chair is “hot summer day reprieve” personified.


A classic river float tube enhanced with an insanely thoughtful and robust combination of bells and whistles. What more could you ask for?

zeppelin aero inflatable kayaks

The Mission: Buddy up with your patriotic partner in this transformative kayak.

The Zeppelin keeps you high and dry while on the water and is a perfect choice this July 4th With an abundance of accessory points, you can store your gear, toss on a KULA, and even transform this single-seat kayak into a tandem in a matter of minutes.


The Zeppelin Aero 12’6” was born out of a desire to marry innovative design with vintage vibes and utmost versatility. For tandem kayakers, it doesn’t get much better. So grab a friend. Grab a KULA. And hit the water in our most versatile kayak.


Prefer to go solo? The Zeppelin Aero 10’ is the perfect companion when you don’t have a companion. Big on features, but small in size, this single-seater kayak is compact, convenient, and capable of big-time adventure.

DEUS aero inflatable kayaks

The Mission: Shock your friends when this sit-on-top kayak morphs into a SUP board in seconds.

It’s a kayak! It’s a SUP! It’s a kayak-SUP hybrid! Okay, that doesn’t quite flow off the tongue like the infamous Superman quote, but the DEUS Aero Inflatable Kayak definitely has Superman tendencies.

It’s made with military-grade PVC skin and AeroTechnology, making it tough as hell, yet still lightweight and transportable. Use it as a kayak, or transform it into a SUP board by removing the top chamber. What’s better, the top chamber can act as your little floatation platform for a KULA and other items. When you’re done, simply deflate and roll it up into its dedicated travel bag. After that, give us your best Superman pose and paddle out on the DEUS this Fourth.

If anyone know how to do July 4th the right way, it’s #BOTENation–and we know this crew loves some H2O.