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BOTE Paddle Boards

BOTE Paddle Boards bring the water to life. From soaking up serenity while you practice your yoga to seeing wildlife up close, our SUP boards take your experiences further with exceptional quality, versatility and value.

Stand Up for Something
Whether you’re a first-time paddler or a life-long devotee, the BOTE Paddle Board Collection includes your ticket to a better experience on the water. We obsess over every detail of our boards, then we rigorously test them to make sure our designs deliver exceptional stability, glide and control. And our paddle boards are adaptable to your preferences, with a range of sizes, features and accessories.

Take Adventure Further
Our collection includes travel-friendly options for paddlers who like to take their adventures on the road. The easy-to-carry Flood is light on the scale but overflowing with features, like paddle straps, a stash pod and the FCS II fin system for better tracking.

With the freedom to paddle virtually anywhere, our inflatable paddle boards, made with Aero technology, really go the distance. Traveller Aero has the durability to keep up with the most adventurous outdoor enthusiast while our Breeze Aero fits all active lifestyles, from first-timer fun-seekers to weekend warriors. We’ve even included a stealthy workhorse inflatable paddle board for hunters and fishers.

Best Paddle Boards
Our patented Gatorshell technology takes paddle board innovation to the next level. Every BOTE paddle board is crafted with incredible attention to performance and aesthetics.