Buy Aero Not Inflatable


We know what you're thinking: "what's the difference?" Well, the answer is "a lot." Is Aero inflatable? Yes. Is inflatable Aero? Not really. The first thing you need to do when understanding BOTE's Aero technology is to erase the term "inflatable" from your mind.

Aero, in its simplest terms, is a construction material that by nature can expand and contract in volume. BOTE has created this product with 4 performance dynamics in mind: durable, portable, storable, and lightweight.

If you want to learn more about Aero as a construction, we recommend you check out our Aero Technology page, but if you want to learn about why you should buy an Aero Paddle Board over your typical Amazon Inflatable SUP, then keep reading.

1. Ease Of Storage


Inflatable paddle boards are a great solution to the "where can I store it?" question. Being constructed from inflatable drop-stitch AeroTechnology means that the boards can go from fully inflated SUP to deflated, rolled up, and stored in a travel bag or backpack within minutes. If you live in a condo or apartment, don't have the luxury of a garage, or simply want something that takes up less space, inflatables are the BEST option. The amount of space needed to store is minimal, as well. If you have room somewhere to stuff a suitcase, you have room for an inflatable paddle board. They can be stored in a hall closet, the trunk of your car, or simply leave it under your desk at work so you can hit the water any time!

BOTE inflatable board ease of storage

2. Transportation


Similar to storing a stand up paddle board, transporting can also be a HUGE factor in why you would buy an inflatable SUP. An inflatable paddle board removes countless obstacles and restrictions you may encounter by owning a traditional Gatorshell or Epoxy board. Don't have roof racks? Toss it in the trunk or backseat. Not driving to your next vacation destination? No big deal, take it as part of your checked luggage on your flight. Boat not big enough to hold a full size board? Use a rechargeable pump to inflate it wherever you set anchor. Think of where you can take a backpack…pretty much anywhere. Well, that's the case with the inflatable paddle boards.

All of our Aero paddle boards come in either a backpack or a wheeled bag (if heavier), and meet the requirements for checked luggage on most airlines, which means you are free to paddle almost anywhere in the world. It also makes it super convenient to travel domestically by car. Whether it's a family vacation to the mountains or spring break to the beach, you can pack multiple inflatables with you and save time and money by not having to rent once you're there.

If you want to learn more about Aero as a construction, we recommend you check out our Aero Technology (link) page, but if you want to learn about why you should buy an Aero Paddle Board over your typical Amazon Inflatable SUP, then keep reading.

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Additionally, inflatables are the board of choice when taking them on a boat. The construction and elasticity of the boards are better suited for loading off and on a boat and also for taking the abuse that can be dished out by a boat being pounded by high chop.

guy in airport rolling BOTE inflatable paddle board bag
girl carrying BOTE inflatable paddle board bag

3. Paddle-Ability


When most people hear the word inflatable they think pool float. Which evokes thoughts of, cheap and flimsy….crap. Well, Aero boards are the opposite. Aero is constructed using high-pressure, drop-stitch cores, ensuring that they are extremely rigid and paddle almost as efficiently as a traditional hard board. Not that there aren't trade-offs – hard boards can be a better paddling option, but for most people and most purposes, an inflatable SUP will perform just as well.

Plus, all of our inflatables are lighter than their solid Gatorshell counterparts, which means getting the board in and out of the water is easier. Many of our inflatable SUPs also offer more buoyancy than the Gatorshell boards, which means they will support more weight and feel more stable. As a bonus, the thick rails or edges of the boards keep the deck high and dry.

BOTE paddle-ability

4. Durability & Construction


Don't be fooled by all the cheap market imitations of inflatable SUPs. Most of the options the category are poorly constructed with subpar materials and in most cases will "banana" once you try to use it. What is "banana" you ask? It's when the board bows under the weight of the paddler, forming banana shape when in the water.

BOTE Aero Inflatable comparison
BOTE Aero dropstitch

BOTE went to great lengths to ensure that we constructed the most rigid boards on the market. The point is to have a product that can function seamlessly in the place of a traditional solid board with minimal difference to the paddler. AeroTech achieves this through drop-stitching that uses a low-weight, high tensile strength thread to hold the top and bottom layers together. The stitching also aligns down the length of the board so that it will experience as little bending or bowing under pressure as possible.

Additional rigidity is achieved by fusing the PVC skin of the board to the core during the initial manufacturing process. Combining the layers in this way essentially welds them together, allowing for a much more secure connection than if it were glued on separately, afterward.

We often get asked, "How durable can an inflatable really be?" Well, we've run over ours with a GMC 2500HD to prove just how strong and durable it really is. That's how confident we are in our product. So we figure it'll be more than tough enough for what you can throw at it.

5. Expandability


Aside from the high quality and extreme durability, you're also receiving some of the only inflatable SUPs on the market that can be accessorized. We offer a variety of addons and accessories that allow you to outfit your board to fit your personal needs.

One of our favorite introductory setups is as simple as adding a cooler and securing it to the deck with our cooler tie-downs. It's hard to beat a day on the water with a cooler full of cold ones! As an added bonus, the KULA cooler makes a great seat when you want a break or just want to have a lazy sit-down paddle without having to be on your knees.

We also offer a variety of Rac options to allow the boards to be equipped with fishing gear. The Tackle Rac can hold some rods and is also great for hanging a pack up high and dry off the deck, while the Bucket Rac perfectly nestles a KULA cooler or a bait bucket while still giving your rods a place to go.

6. Price


BOTE's inflatable paddle boards may not be the cheapest on the market but that is because we value quality above all else. We take pride in making a product that is a long-term investment, not a short-term cost. BOTE uses materials of the highest quality, superior manufacturing processes, and has more attention to detail than other brands. The old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true.