The Verge Camo line of products was developed to not only to provide a pattern for application in the field, but also to look stealthy on the streets. We can promise you this gear stands up to the elements – rain, sleet, mud, snow or whatever else life throws at you.

KULA 5 MAGNEPOD™ Cooler Olive

Zeppelin Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Kayak

MAGNEBottle 36oz with Cap Verge Camo

Rackham Aero 12′4″ Verge Camo Inflatable Paddle Board

Highwater Backpack Verge Camo

Rackham 12′ Verge Camo Paddle Board

KULA Softy 5 Cooler Verge Camo

Rover Aero 12′6″ Verge Camo Inflatable Micro Skiff

Verge Camo Kayaks

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Verge Camo Skiffs

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Verge Camo Paddle Boards

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Inspired by the locals – the ones working before the sun rises and the ones that choose to sleep under the stars. No matter if you are in the field, on the water, or around the farm, this gear stands up to the elements and looks good doing it.