Four men sitting at a food mart

Episode 66 //
Kentucky Road Trip

Welcome to the sixty-sixth installment of BOTE’s Beneath The Surface podcast. In this episode, Corey and crew sit down to recount their recent trip north to the Kentucky Adventure Trail. 4 guys. 4 bikes. 5 days. 12 total hours of sleep. 800 miles. 14 inches of rain, hail and snow. In other words, it was a "dumpster fire" as Corey recalls. So sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Coming at you direct, from the middle of nowhere, to the center of everywhere.

Working on a motorcycle in the parking lot
Two men riding motorcycles in the snow

Dumpster Fire
Signage at the convenience store
Motorcycle riding through deep water
Convenience store

Motorcycle ride
Four guys riding motorcycles down the road
Days Inn Hotel
Motorcycle crash

iPhone maps
Entryway to a restaurant
Drinks at a restaurant
Truck parked in front of pizza spot

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