River & Destination

Weekend trip to the river? Family vacation coming up? Our float trip products are the lightest, most packable products in the lineup and perfect for traveling. Just don’t forget one float for each member of your crew – these floats all link together to create the ultimate raft up.

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Come Together

Gearing up for your next float trip or day relaxing on the water? Grab a Hangout FLOATube or two and pair them up with a Hangout Bar. Between having a designated spot for your cooler and the comfortable BVA padding and mesh bottom of the FLOATube, it's the ultimate way to enjoy your next river float.


The Hangout Chair

Weighing only 9.5 lbs but carrying up to 300 lbs, this is the epitome of punching (and lounging) above its weight. The Hangout Chair also features 1 MAGNEPOD attachment point, which is like an adult fidget spinner because that ‘click’ when your cup locks in is just so satisfying.

The Hangout Bar

Sometimes it’s less about a float for you and more about a floating table. The Hangout Bar built to perfectly hold a KULA 5 Cooler in the middle and features 4 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points to keep your drinks from falling over.

The Hangout Floatube

Traditional river tube with some game-changing innovations. We’re talking: BVA padding for your back, a MAGNEPOD™ attachment point for your drink, PRV – pressure relief valve – so your tube never over-pressurizes, D-rings to lash to your friends, or to lash to the Hangout Bar (or other Hangout products), and mesh netting underneath, so you stay comfortable and supported.

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