Introducing the Hangout Suite

‘Hanging out’ just got a massive new upgrade. We’re proud to introduce the all-new Hangout Suite: a collection of seven new badass products (eight if you count both configurations of the Hangout Couch) that will revolutionize the way you and your friends hang out on the water.

Requiring zero skill and 100% chill, the Hangout Suite offers a multipronged place to get together with friends and family and just relax. You want to hang out and have a good time? The Hangout Suite is the ultimate golden ticket.

The best part about the Hangout Suite? The sheer compatibility between all of the puzzle-piece products under its umbrella. From the hero items of the collection (like the Hangout 240, Hangout Couch, and Hangout Lounge), to the “secondary” pieces linking them together (the Hangout 120 and Hangout Bar), to the “standaloners” that double as great companions (the Hangout Chair and Hangout FLOATube), the Hangout Suite is a full-bodied, fully functional, full-on floating masterpiece.

The original concepts of the Dock 10 and the Dock Hangout were ‘standalone’ products. The Hangout Suite, on the other hand, is made to integrate, to link up, and combine so that you can combine multiple Dock products and ultimately create an almost infinite number of configurations.

– Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO and Co-Founder

Read on for an overview of each A-List member of the Hangout Suite cast and crew.

hangout 240

A refreshed version of our original Dock Hangout, the Hangout 240 is the one that inspired us to take things to the next level. The Hangout 240 is the Big Kahuna of the Hangout Suite. Coming in at 10-feet in circumference with the ability to hold up to 900lbs, this bad boy is the ultimate party float.

If you’ve got a bigger group, four to five people can comfortably sit back and lean on the fully inflatable pontoon back rests. Got a smaller crowd? Two people can easily sprawl out on each side of the 240. The surface area is made with the same BVA traction pad that our paddle boards are made with, meaning no slippage when it’s time to dive into the water for a quick cool-off. And with utmost rigidity when fully inflated, this thing will never “taco.” (Though it will happily support the eating of tacos if that’s your hangout M.O.)

The main difference between the Hangout 240 and the Dock Hangout is the geometry. We adjusted the curve to make the 240 an even 240º as opposed to 270º, which paved the way for us to create the Hangout 120 (more on that shortly.) The Hangout 240 features 4 MAGNEPOD attachment points and multiple DockLink connection points to fashion together various other Hangout Suite products easily. Combine the 240 with a 120 and a Hangout Bar, and you’re in party heaven.

hangout 120

The Hangout 120 nestles perfectly against the Hangout 240 to make a complete 360º “round table” so that you can enjoy every minute of relaxation with your crew. Together, these two are the bomb dot com, the cat’s meow, the end-all-be-all of fun.

The 120 also works perfectly on its own. It’s like the little brother of the 240 if you don’t need much real estate. It’s the couple's couch, the love seat of the floating world, perfect for hanging at the sand bar or even in your pool at home. And with 2 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points, you and your P.I.F.C. (partner in floating crime) will never go thirsty.

hangout bar

Sometimes it’s less about a float for you and more about a floating table. The Hangout Bar is one of the smallest yet coolest pieces in the Hangout Suite, built to perfectly hold a KULA 5 Cooler in the middle and features 4 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points to keep your drinks from falling over. Plus, the Hangout Bar was designed to perfectly nest against other Hangout products like the Hangout 240, Hangout 120, and Hangout Lounge.

As BOTE Director of Photography Sean Murphy says—

The Hangout Bar is like a water puppy. If you’re a single guy or gal and you bring this thing out in a sand bar or on a lake, you’re immediately going to make friends.

People will be swimming up to you in droves.

hangout lounge

If you’ve seen any pool ever with the chaise lounge chairs on the side of the pool, this is a floating version of that. The Hangout Lounge is the next-level evolution of our original Dock FX. To enhance it, we added a removable and adjustable (and reclinable!) seatback to allow you to treat it like a lounge chair on the water. We also added a grooved shape at the foot of the raft to allow it to pair up seamlessly with a Hangout Bar. The Hangout Lounge features 1 MAGNEPOD™ attachment point and 11 D-rings to connect it to any and all pieces of the Hangout Suite, creating your own little Hangout ecosystem.

Out of the entire suite of Hangout products, the Lounge is probably the best one to use by itself. And I would honestly recommend having multiples of these. So you and your friends can hang out together. I’ve got two or three of these at home, and my kids love to jump all over them.

– Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO and Co-Founder

hangout couch (port & starboard)

The Hangout Couch is an L-shaped, right-angled couch-extraordinaire. The genesis of the Hangout Couch is that we realized how fun it was to be able to bring a couch anywhere with the Aero Couch, so we applied the same concept to the Hangout Suite… but better.

The Hangout Couch features a chaise lounge on one end and comes in two configurations, just like a couch you’d buy for your living room—there’s the Port (left-side version) and Starboard (right-side version).

Connect two together, and you’ve got an angular half-moon of hang-out awesome sauce. Connect FOUR Hangout Couches in one giant square configuration, and you’re looking at the ultimate hangout party heaven, complete with your own little swimming hole in the middle. The Hangout Couches feature 3 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points as well as cooler tie-down points, so your drinks will be safe, sound, and secure.

hangout chair

If you’ve ever sat on an Adirondack chair and thought: ‘Dang, this would be cool in the water’, then the Hangout Chair is for you. Perfect for hot days when the sun is glaring and you need to keep cool while you float, the Hangout Chair is submerged in the rear with a floating upper half to give you the ultimate in-water Adirondack-chair experience. Your bottom is supported by a PVC sling so that it never feels like a balancing act when you’re floating (looking at you, pool noodles!).

Weighing only 9 lbs but carrying up to 300 lbs, this is the epitome of punching (and lounging) above its weight. The Hangout Chair also features 1 MAGNEPOD™ attachment point, which is like an adult fidget spinner because that ‘click’ when your cup locks in is just so satisfying.

At the end of the day, nothing beats a chair that can float IN the water. We used to get asked all the time if our Aero Chairs could float. And while technically they do, they’re not made for all-day in-water sittin’. So naturally, we felt compelled to make the Hangout Chair.

In short, get ready to fight over this one. It may just be the best seat in the house.

hangout floatube

Last but certainly not least, we had to toss in our version of the quintessential inner tube. Say goodbye to antique, outdated, tarmac-black inner tubes and hello to a brave new world of floating innovation.

The Hangout FLOATube is a true river float tube with a few new big boy bells and whistles. We’re talking: BVA padding for your back, a MAGNEPOD™ attachment point for your drink, PRV – pressure relief valve – so your tube never over-pressurizes, D-rings to lash to your friends, or to lash to the Hangout Bar (or other Hangout products), and mesh netting underneath, so you stay comfortable and supported.

The Hangout FLOATube is a traditional river tube, but with some game-changing goodies and BOTE innovations.

One question we get a lot is: well, where do I start? What’s the best entry piece? And the answer—while maybe a bit of a cop-out—is that you really can’t go wrong. Every single member of the Hangout Suite is a gold-medal winner. Plus, if you’re ready to dive right into the full Hangout Suite experience, we’ve got some epic suggestions for Hangout Configurations.