Whether you have a skiff or a yacht, we’ve got the perfect Hangout for you. Start with a Hangout 240, add a Bar, 120 and before you know it, you have a whole floatilla. The best part? You can configure it however you like. The more really is the merrier.

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Introducing the Hangout Suite
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Hangout Configurations
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Come Together

We've dreamed up some epic configurations that are sure to be crowd pleasers for your next boating raft-up. These large-scale floating islands are the ultimate choice for a trip out on the boat. Simply arrive at your destination, inflate, strap together, and tie off.


The Hangout Water Hammock

The Hangout Water Hammock is a perfect float to bring with you when you go out on the boat with friends and family; simply toss it in the water wherever you drop anchor. The hammock-like mesh bottom lets you sit, stand, jump, climb, and let the kids play all day without ever having to tread water.

The Hangout 240

A refreshed version of our original Dock Hangout, the Hangout 240 is the one that inspired us to take things to the next level. The Hangout 240 is the Big Kahuna of the Hangout Suite. Coming in at 10-feet in circumference with the ability to hold up to 900lbs, this bad boy is the ultimate party float.

The Hangout 120

The Hangout 120 nestles perfectly against the Hangout 240 to make a complete 360º “round table” so that you can enjoy every minute of relaxation with your crew, but also works perfectly on its own. It’s like the little brother of the 240 if you don’t need much real estate. It’s the couple's couch, the love seat of the floating world, perfect for hanging at the sand bar or even in your pool at home.

The Hangout Couch

The Hangout Couch is an L-shaped, right-angled couch-extraordinaire. The genesis of the Hangout Couch is that we realized how fun it was to be able to bring a couch anywhere with the Aero Couch, so we applied the same concept to the Hangout Suite… but better.

The Hangout Lounge

The Hangout Lounge is the next-level evolution of our original Dock FX. To enhance it, we added a removable and adjustable (and reclinable!) seatback to allow you to treat it like a lounge chair on the water. We also added a grooved shape at the foot of the raft to allow it to pair up seamlessly with a Hangout Bar. The Hangout Lounge features 1 MAGNEPOD attachment point and 11 D-rings to connect it to any and all pieces of the Hangout Suite, creating your own little Hangout ecosystem.

The Hangout Bar

Sometimes it’s less about a float for you and more about a floating table. The Hangout Bar is one of the smallest yet coolest pieces in the Hangout Suite, built to perfectly hold a KULA 5 Cooler in the middle and features 4 MAGNEPOD™ attachment points to keep your drinks from falling over. Plus, the Hangout Bar was designed to perfectly nest against other Hangout products like the Hangout 240, Hangout 120, and Hangout Lounge.

The Hangout Chair

If you’ve ever sat on an Adirondack chair and thought: ‘Dang, this would be cool in the water’, then the Hangout Chair is for you. Perfect for hot days when the sun is glaring and you need to keep cool while you float, the Hangout Chair is submerged in the rear with a floating upper half to give you the ultimate in-water Adirondack-chair experience. Your bottom is supported by a PVC sling so that it never feels like a balancing act when you’re floating (looking at you, pool noodles!).

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