Never Leave Your Dock: Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dock

Never Leave Your Dock: Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Dock

BOTE’s inflatable Dock could quite possibly be our most versatile product. Yes, it’s extremely simple, but also incredibly functional. The inflatable Dock’s biggest selling feature is its ability to transform from rolled-up PVC to a rigid floating Dock. The key here is our AeroBOTE Inflatable Technology. Using thousands of tiny fibers connecting the top and bottom surfaces, the BOTE Docks can be inflated to pressures high enough to allow people to walk on them. Try to do that with your everyday pool float or lily pad. Seeing that its applications are practically endless, we figured we could highlight our top 5 reasons you should buy an inflatable Dock.

Teenagers using the Dock 7 to enjoy a river float trip

#5. Floating a River

If you’ve never done a river float trip, we can promise you’re missing out. Common all over the U.S., it’s exactly what it sounds like. Start at one end of the river and float to the other. Simple, easy, and fun as hell. The inflatable Dock was practically made for this, simply because it floats really well! There’s no need to lasso a bunch of tubes together just to fit you and your entire gang, since the Dock can provide up to 100 square feet of floating island. This still leaves plenty of room for goodies, so toss on a KULA cooler filled with your favorite refreshments, and you’re ready to float. Just make sure you have a ride waiting on you at the end!

#4. Floating Docks for Lakes

Not every lake house has a dock, and that could be for multiple reasons–costs, permits, or just pure practicality. BOTE’s inflatable Docks are a great solution for lake or bay houses that simply can’t (or don’t want to) put in a fixed frame dock. The Dock 10 is the best all-around floating dock to be used on lakes.

Nine kids playing on a Dock 10 at the lake
We have a house on the water where building a permanent dock wasn't allowed. Soultion... BOTE's inflatable Dock
Parents and kids enjoying a pool day with the Dock 10

#3. Pool Fun

On the surface, it may not seem like a fit. But just watch what happens when you toss your inflatable Dock into the pool. It becomes a magnet for kids, teens, and even adults...cause let’s face it, adults are just kids with more disposable income. The kids will turn into aquatic acrobats playing on it while the adults will likely use it as a floating bar top. The fact is, it’s perfect for both and more.

#2. Raft-Ups

Raft-ups…the water community’s version of a neighborhood block party. If you’ve participated, you know the drill. Get there early in the day, grab your spot in the flotilla, drop anchor, and let it rip! Now that you’re settled in, inflate the BOTE Dock and let the party begin. It’s guaranteed to be the center of your next raft up…the floating island!

Many boats floating together in a circle with the Dock 10 in the middle for people to enjoy
Honestly can't remember what we did before we added the BOTE Dock to our arsenal of water toys. Literally, all our friends hook up next to us so they can use the Dock.
Mom and kids enjoying the Dock 7 at a local sandbar

#1. Chillin' At the Sandbar

Our personal favorite, and the sexiest of them all: inflatable Docks and sandbars. What more can be said? Toss your Dock on your boat, cruise to the nearest sand bar, island, or wherever and do what you do. Add to the mix a few Aero Chairs, our inflatable chair, and a KULA Softy Cooler and you should be set for a few days… Just be prepared for everyone to come up to you all day and ask, “Where’d you get that?”

No matter what reason you had for buying the Dock and how you use it, you won’t have to worry about finding a place to store your rolled-up, foam, water carpet or lily pad. When you are done for the day or season, just deflate and store your Dock in its compact burrito sling. There’s no reason for you to keep missing out on the fun. Buy your Dock 10 or Dock 7 today.

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