So, you’re into fishing.

BOTE'S inflatable kayaks were designed to solve for common kayak fishing headaches by building for portability and stability, optimizing surface space, and enhancing sight-lines while simultaneously eliminating the always problematic wet ass situation, just to name a few. Did we mention they pack down into a rolling bag you can throw in your trunk or check on your next flight?

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For the person who wants speed, packability, portability, versatility, durability, and a pedal-driven option, the LONO Aero paired with the APEX Pedal Drive delivers. Use the LONO Aero by itself as a kayak or SUP, or add in the APEX Pedal Drive to take things to the next level. Never before have all of these features and benefits been available in one easy-to-use, delivered direct-to-your-door, badass package.

12’4” Rackham Aero

Introducing the reimagined Rackham Aero plus APEX Pedal Drive. Everything you want out of a paddle board with everything you need out of a kayak, working in harmony to reshape the way you enjoy the water.

DEUS Aero Kayak

The one-of-a-kind BOTE DEUS [day-us] Aero inflatable kayak enters the kayak category with no rival. Utilizing industry-shaping design and engineering, this versatile kayak is constructed with BOTE’s inflatable AeroBOTE Technology and goes from travel bag to a 11’ sit-on-top kayak in a matter of minutes. Remove the top chamber and it becomes a super stable stand up paddle board in seconds. The military grade PVC construction makes the DEUS incredibly lightweight as well as super easy to store and transport.

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