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KULA 10 MAGNEPOD™ Cooler Graphite

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Say hello to the "beefed up, but still party-friendly" KULA 10 Cooler. It's like the KULA 5's roomier big bro. Close the lid, and there are not one, but two MAGNEPOD™ attachment points for your favorite magnetic accessories.

Plus, this innovative cooler is compatible with a "buy-if-you-like" pack of three rad new accessories. The KULA 10 Accessory Kit* includes an ice pack, a basket, and a cutting board.

*KULA 10 Accessory Kit Sold Separately.


  • INNER DIMENSIONS: 16.7″ W × 13.2″ L × 12.2″ D
  • OUTER DIMENSIONS: 23.8″ W × 15.3″ L × 18.6″ D
  • WEIGHT: 24 LBS
  • VOLUME: 10 GAL

Why KULA is Cooler

MAGNEPOD™ Attachment Points

The cushioned EVA foam lid features two MAGNEPOD attachment points, allowing you to secure on your favorite magnetic accessories.

270º Easy Open Hinge

The lid features rubber hinges that offer several degrees of added rotation so that you’re not hindered by a lid that just won’t quite open as much as you need it to.

Built-In Bottle Opener

Just like our other hard coolers, the KULA 10 comes with an integrated stainless steel bottle opener we like to call “Bottle Jaws”. Shouldn’t every cooler?

Padded Tote Handle

Outfitted with a rotating stainless steel handle featuring ergonomic bends to accomodate multiple ways to carry, the KULA 10 is designed to be easily transported by one or two people.

Accessory Kit*

This innovative cooler has a "buy-if-you-like" pack of three rad new accessories. An ice pack that fits in the middle, a food basket that keeps extras sorted and safe, and a cover that doubles as a cutting board.
*KULA 10 Accessory Kit sold separately.