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For Dads Who Stand Apart

Inflatable Aero paddle boards are a great option if you're looking for something that will be lightweight and save precious garage space. In contrast, solid paddle boards are always a show-stopper with their superior performance and beautifully polished inlays. If you feel like he'd enjoy something a little more low-key to relax with, we recommend our inflatable Dock 7. It puts pool floats to shame and is the perfect addition to bring along on boat outings. If water access isn't readily available, he may get more daily use out of our Aero Chairs. They're a must-have for on-the-go seating, whether he's at the kid's next sports practice or enjoying a cold one out back with friends. Let him rep the BOTE Nation in some new apparel so he can be comfortable in style.  With many different styles of hats, stylish graphic tee designs, and UV protection shirts, you're sure to find a crowd-pleaser.

Gift Ideas for Dad →

Gift Ideas for Dad →

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