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Gifts for Boaters

Gifts for Boaters

When it comes to boating gifts, whether for saltwater or freshwater boating, all it takes is a few accessories to take a day on the water from enjoyable but exhausting to comfortable and unforgettable. Built for land and sea, but also lake days, camping trips, and everything in between, you just can’t go wrong with inflatable seating. Ever heard of BOTEs on boats? It’s a thing. And to be clear, we’re talking about the versatility of inflatable paddle boards. Oh, and you can’t forget a KULA and a giant floating square, a.k.a. the inflatable dock.

“Our kids are water babies. They love to swim, paddle, and splash around for hours, crash for afternoon naps on the boat, then go at it again until the sun goes down. As our family has grown and kid’s friends join us for boat days, we think up new ways to make it fun and comfortable for all of us. Which led us to where we are today: inflatable everything!” - Magda Cooper / COO and Co-Founder