The Pinnacle of Innovation: Why We Created the HD

The HD Aero is the ultimate paddle boarder’s paddle board. It’s the go-anywhere, do-anything SUP of the ages. A Jack of all trades and a master of all. A Swiss Army knife and a Renaissance watercraft all in one.

In short, the HD–in both Gatorshell and Aero–is the most versatile paddle board on the market.

Capable of tackling the toughest waterways and equally adept at casually cruising, the HD doesn’t discriminate on what types of water adventures you take it on. It thrives on the surprise. Virtually indestructible and packed with a robust feature-set, it’s no wonder the HD is considered by many to be the best all-around paddle board.

So, stay tuned as we unpack why we created the HD, one of the best stand up paddle boards to ever hit the water.

why and how we designed the hd

The HD was created to be the ultimate in versatility. Whether you wanted something for fishing, speed, fitness, recreation, or a hybrid mix of all, the HD was originally intended to be your one-stop-shop SUP.

The key to creating such a dynamic board—a board that wins on versatility and performs at the highest, most durable level—is all in the details. Every design decision was painstakingly considered. Aesthetics and functionality were equally important, and both held at the highest order. We wanted to create a SUP that embodies not just the paddle board lifestyle but the entire BOTE philosophy. It’s infused with innovation, loaded with features and fun styles, and permeates the paddling lifestyle.

“The HD represents BOTE and the entire lifestyle of everything that we do.”

– Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO & Co-Founder

The HD Embodies the Paddle Board Lifestyle

If you're all about the SUP lifestyle, the HD is the ultimate vessel. Whether you’re fishing, paddling, training, doing SUP yoga, or simply having a fun day on the water drinking some beers, the HD is the board that does it all.

“The HD is sort of the pinnacle of our line. Corey and I worked really hard on doing small aesthetic details that take us to the next level. Whether that’s deck pads or in-board functional things, these details really just round out the HD.”

Rob McAbee, BOTE Creative Director

the ultimate in versatility

The HD was created to be the ultimate in versatility—a generalist’s dream and a recreational paddler’s perfect vessel. “HD” actually stands for “Hybrid Displacement” which refers to the shape of the Gatorshell version of the board’s hull. The HD features a “V” shaped displacement hull, allowing it to cut through water incredibly efficiently as opposed to planing on top like standard surf hulls. The surf-style deck ensures the HD is no slouch in the maneuverability department.

In other words, the HD is a shape-shifting, hull-lifting, super stable, very versatile “Goldilocks” of a board. You can take it paddle fishing or for an overnight SUP excursion; for a casual spin or a sweaty SUP yoga session. The HD is intentionally designed to accommodate a dizzying range of paddlers, gear, and skill levels. So, it’s no surprise it’s our number one selling paddle board.

“The HD Aero comes with everything you need to get your adventure on. Uncompromised design brings together the best features BOTE has to offer into a virtually indestructible, portable watercraft of no equal.”

Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO & Co-Founder

features and styles galore

One of the unique things about the HD, which truly makes it stand apart, is that certain design styles have different corresponding features.

This means your aesthetic preferences come with very practical applications. In other words, “style” is often a word that indirectly speaks to the outward extension of your personality—you choose a paddle board design that visually complements your vibe. With the HD, however, this outward extension is very literal. The “style” of your HD is not only an aesthetic reflection of your personality but of your entire paddling preferences and persona.

For example, the HD Gatorshell Full Trax and HD Aero Full Trax borrow a feature from the Flood by having a paddle strap on the rails of the board as well as the HD's standard paddle sheath on the nose. This allows you to have the option of a full-length, uninterrupted deck pad with traction along the entire board, making it perfect for SUP yoga or even adding an extra passenger like a young'un or man's best friend.

Meanwhile, the Bug Slinger™ styles of the HD borrow features from the Rackham to give it added bonuses for fishing, including Sandspear straps on the deck pad, added Sandspear compatibility with thru-holes on the Gatorshell boards and a removable Aero Sandspear Sheath on the HD Aero’s, and Power-Pole Micro™ Anchor compatibility.

With multiple configurations to choose from, the HD Aero is an excellent pick for everyone from anglers to yogis and anyone in between.

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