Two people paddling down the river


Many things pull us to the water. The promise of adventure. A chance to push our limits. To explore the unknown. Unfortunately, just as many things pull us away: work, social obligations, time with family or friends. Every year it seems our leisure time shrinks while our responsibilities expand. But you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing a passion and spending time with the people you care about.


Paddle board with your kids. Take a paddle board date. Hell, invite your dog along. You’ll have to make some adjustments if you’re used to 15-mile endurance paddles or half-day fishing trips. But getting your loved ones on a board can mean more time on the water as a whole. Rather than fighting that nagging sense of guilt for leaving for a day on the water, invite them into the lifestyle. Bottom line: experiences are made richer when shared.

two people laying down on paddle boards


As always, execution is more difficult than philosophy. It can be a challenge to introduce reluctant people into the sport. We get questions all the time. Is it hard? Will I look like an idiot? Am I too fat to paddle board?

But we also see people making it work. Like the couple that buys boards to try the sport together. Or the avid paddler who invests in a second board so she can stop hearing excuses from friends who want to join but don't have a board. Or the parents of three young kids who are living out of their RV while traveling the U.S. and put their Rackham Aeros in every place they visit.

a family riding on a BOTE Paddle Board
a kid on a paddle board
a family on a paddle board


Expense is a valid concern when considering multiple boards. One of the catalysts for creating our new Breeze Aero was to help introduce new people to the sport. It can be the perfect solution if you want a lower priced board for beginners that still offers the stability and innovation BOTE is known for. After all, you want their first experience to be a pleasant one.

Our most versatile boards are the Flood and HD, which can accommodate any skill level, water conditions or end use – everything from leisure paddling to SUP yoga. The Aero versions offer greater convenience in transport and storage, while the hard board versions track better in the water.

a guy and girl carrying BOTE paddle boards down the beach

The Breeze Aero is the perfect choice when first getting into paddle boarding.

Then there’s the possibility of getting a dual-use board, such as the Rackham. If you love fishing but also want something you can load multiple people on, it’s the one for you. The Rackham can’t be beat in stability, but also offers an efficient paddling experience.

two people fishing on a paddle board

Buying these boards can cost anywhere from $650 to $1,800, but the investment is worth it if it means getting more value out of your existing board and paddling experience. A lot of our customers take advantage of our financing options, which can start as low as $55 per month.

In a world where loneliness is becoming almost epidemic, we don’t think a sport should add to anyone’s isolation. The benefits to paddleboarding are numerous – getting exercise, being outside, disconnecting from modern life. But at its core, the paddling lifestyle is about having fun. So we say... invite more people to the party.

Guy anbd girl paddling on a BOTE inflatable paddle board

Paddling on the same board is easy with a Rackham Aero

Guy paddling on a BOTE Traveller paddle board

For the adventure lovers, try out our Traveller or Traveller Aero to go the extra mile together