BOTE Presents: Loose Program

BOTE Presents //
Loose Program

Story: Rob McAbee
Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Thomas Ramsey
Video Editing: 101 Exit Media
Sound Design: Mike Mangum

Ronnie Renner is best known for his incredible accomplishments in the world of Powersports. A 10X - XGame Gold medalist and world-record holder, Ronnie is arguably one of the best motocross riders ever. To him though, his greatest accomplishment is being a dad.

After spending most of his career in California, Renner moved back to his home state of Florida and built an enviable “compound” consisting of a world-class motocross track and plenty of space for a lot of toys. Family, though, is the most important thing to Ronnie. The space he has built provides a place of exploration and learning for his two kids, Chloe and Jett. Exposing them to nature and allowing them to find their own path in this life.

“Everything I do is great and fun for my own self-fulfillment, but when I can pass it on to my kids or share it with my kids or do it with my kids... it just takes life to another level.” ~ Ronnie Renner

Ronnie playing with his kids in the pool
Ronnie riding his dirtbike
Ronnie's daughter
Ronnie and his kids in their riding helmets
Ronnie's son
Ronnie and his kids enjoying some lake time with the Dock 7
Ronnie with his ATV loaded up with inflatable paddle boards
Ronnie's daughter enjoying a Flow Aero
Ronnie on his Rover Gatorshell
Ronnie jumping a hill in his ATV
Ronnie's transport van for all of his toys
The ATV loaded up with BOTE boards on the roof
Ronnie launching his Rover Gatorshell into the water
Ronnie's son

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