How To: Receive Delivery Of Freight

Accepting freight deliveries can be intimidating but with the right idea of what to expect, it is actually very easy and seamless. We do ship all of our rigid paddle boards on a wooden pallet. This is to protect the bottom, nose and tail of the board in transit. Each board is wrapped in thick bubble wrap and placed into a custom made box before being strapped to a pallet. The pallet will most commonly be removed and taken by the freight carrier, but disposal is the customer's responsibility. Simply place with your garbage pickup for bulk disposal days.

  • The carrier will call ahead of time to schedule a day and time to make the delivery.
  • You must be present and delivery to accept the shipment
  • Upon delivery, be sure to open and fully inspect the board for any damage. This must be done prior to signing for the shipment. By signing for the shipment, you are signing that everything was received free of damage and all pieces accounted for.
  • Do recruit a friend to help you receive the delivery
  • If you do locate any damage refuse the shipment and write "refused due to damage" on the delivery receipt.
  • Be sure to take pictures of the damage
  • Contact our customer service team and we will get a replacement shipped out as soon as possible.