Step-by-step instructions on how to fold your LONO Aero Kayak and place it in the travel bag.

STEP 1: Remove the top, seat back, and any accessories including the foot bar and center fin from the LONO Aero.

STEP 2: Use a hand pump or Aero Pump in deflate mode to remove all air from each chamber, including the seat back and removable top.

Have questions about the deflation process? We cover in detail how our products inflate and deflate in our Inflation & Deflation Guide.

STEP 3: Fold the starboard side (right side) of the kayak inward. Fold the port side (left side) of the kayak outward. The nose will still be standing up.

Steps 1-3 graphic

STEP 4: Starting at the back of the kayak, make your first fold right after the side bite fins.

Step 4 graphic

STEP 5: Make a second fold between the center fin track and the side bite fins. This should roughly divide your first fold in half.

Step 5 graphic

STEP 6: Then take your first two folds, and fold them towards the nose from the back of the kayak.

Step 6 graphic

STEP 7: Fold the nose of the kayak down like a flag.

STEP 8: Fold the back end one more time so that it lays on top of the folded front end.

Steps 7-8 graphic

STEP 9: Tightly secure folded kayak with provided strap.

Step 9 graphic

STEP 10: Fold the removable top and place it and the seat back in the bottom of the travel bag.

STEP 11: Add hull of LONO Aero kayak to the travel bag.

STEP 12: Secure all bag contents by tightly strapping everything inside of the travel bag using the bag's interior buckles.

Final Steps graphic

Place your foot bar, center fin, and other accessories in the outside zipper pocket. Don't forget to strap your hand pump to the side of your travel bag!


  • Leaving your kayak deflated and in the sun for 10 minutes will make the material more flexible and folding easier.
  • An electric pump not only helps to inflate faster, but it also makes deflating quicker and easier and helps to get every last bit of air out of the kayak.