BOTE Presents // Rip City

BOTE Presents //
Rip City

Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Tyler Trant

Framed by Salt Lake City to the east and the craggy Wasatch Range to the west you'll find Park City. Its Main Street is lined with buildings built during a 19th-century silver mining boom, but what it's most known for are its world-class ski slopes. Anyone who has touched the powder of the Wasatch Range will tell you that it's unmatched. That mind blowing skiing may have brought Ian Provo to Utah, but it's the abundance of what the outdoors had to offer that made him stay.

When Ian's father announced that he was relocating cross-country from Connecticut to Utah in the '90s, Ian jumped at the opportunity to join in. Once they got out there, Ian quickly discovered that Park City wasn't just a new place to live, it was a place for him to uncover his true passions and embrace being an outdoorsman.

Rip City is our glimpse into the full-send nature of Ian’s life, along with that of his brother Neil. Together, they scale rugged rock faces, huck off powdery mountains, fish glassy alpine lakes, and fly down tree-lined single track. It’s an outdoorsman’s dream, and it’s easy to see why Utah has a special kind of hold on the Provo brothers.

Man climbing up a snow-covered mountain to snowboard
Man skateboarding at a skate park
Man rock climbing
Rusty sign that says Cliff Lane
Man backpacking through the woods
Man fishing
Man mountain biking with a Highwater Slingpack on
Man carrying a Zeppelin Aero in a backpack
Man watering his garden
An old rusted out car
Man picking vegetables from his garden
Two men fishing on a Zeppelin Aero 12'6
Two men looking for lures in their Highwater Slingpack while paddling on a Zeppelin Aero 12'6

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