BOTE Presents // Bug Slinger™ Bonefish

BOTE Presents //

Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Tyler Trant
Director: Wil Beaucher
Producer: Skye Bailey


It’s one of those brother from another mother kind of stories. Two guys whose mutual interests brought them into a perfect partnership.

Clint Kemp worked in the cigar industry, started a rum business, traveled the world, and oh yeah, owns and operates the Blackfly Lodge, a world-famous angler’s paradise. He’s also a 10th generation Bahamian with a deep knowledge of the islands’ history and an intimate understanding of the daily rhythms of the fish that inhabit these spectacularly blue waters.

Drew Chicone is likewise a man of many talents. Best known as a fly designer (Salty Fly Tying) and outdoor writer, he’s also a photographer, lecturer, devoted dad, and (no surprise) rum enthusiast. Drew has lived and breathed the art of fly tying since he was tall enough to sit at the vice, and his creations are in high demand among saltwater anglers across the globe.


The two met through the tight-knit fishing community, and Clint soon realized that Drew, a fellow angler who knew the rum industry, would be a perfect fit to assist with his distribution business.

Now the two fly fishing gurus regularly comb the flats, pulling in the beautiful, elusive bonefish. Drew prefers casting from a paddle board, which, like everything else that catches his eye, he quickly mastered. “Once you get it dialed in, it’s a stealth machine. You can sneak up on stuff. They don’t even know I’m there.”

Bug Slinger™ Bonefish Photo Collage
Loading the HD Paddle Board onto a boat in the Bahamas
Bonefish hooked on the fly
Hole in man's shoe
Bahamian landscape
Black and white photo of a bonefish underwater
Portrait of Clint Kemp
Clint casting the fly rod
Drew paddling on the HD Aero Paddle Board
Portrait of Drew Chicone
Drew tying flies
Close up of Drew tying flies
Man slicing open a coconut on the bar
Fly close up
Blackfly Lodge at night
Blackfly Lodge wall gallery
Clint smoking a cigar
Clint and his wife sitting at the table
Blackfly Lodge at sunset

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