Quick Start Guide
BOTE Inflatable Belt PFD

The BOTE Inflatable Belt PFD is a unique design that keeps stand-up paddleboarders (SUP), anglers, boaters, and other paddlers safe without compromising movement. The below video and instructions will demonstrate the basic steps for arming and using your BOTE Inflatable Belt PFD. For more information and detailed instructions please refer to the manual included with your new PFD.

How to Use the Inflatable Belt PFD

Arming & Wearing Your PFD Belt

  1. Retrieve the packaged CO2 cylinder included with your belt PFD and remove packaging.

  2. Insert the CO2 cylinder into the receiver on your PFD. Turn clockwise until secure.

  3. Insert the green indicator clip over the receiver.

  4. Velcro the outer cover of the Belt PFD shut. Keep "Jerk to Inflate" cord visible for easy access.

  5. Buckle the waist belt and adjust to a comfortable fit. Waist belt should remain facing forward for optimal safety.

  6. Fold & Secure any excess strap onto the waist belt.

Activating & Deploying Your Belt PFD

  1. To Inflate grasp the "Jerk to Inflate" pull tab and pull sharply downward.

  2. Grab the neck strap and pull it over your head, letting it rest at the back of your neck.

  3. Inflate Orally to add additional air to your PFD. Open the top portion of the inflation tube and blow air into tube until PFD is firm.

Storing & Rearming Your Belt PFD

  1. To Deflate press down on the oral tube while squeezing the PFD to release the air.

  2. Tightly Roll the PFD into the belt and velcro shut once again.

  3. To Rearm your PFD, repeat steps 1-4 of the "Arming & Wearing" section.
    Note: CO2 cylinders are single-use and must be replaced once used. BOTE recommends always having a spare rearming kit available for your PFD.