Beneath the Surface: Silent & Deadly

Episode 42 //
Silent & Deadly

Welcome to the forty-second installment of BOTE's Beneath The Surface podcast. Sure, paddle boards and kayaks are cool to use for exploration and recreation, but when it comes to fishing and hunting, they may be the best choice out there. Corey and Sean sit down to discuss how the BOTE family of water platforms can elevate your next hunting or fishing adventure. So sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Coming at you direct, from the middle of nowhere, to the center of everywhere.

Guy reeling in a fish
Hunter paddling through the marsh

Strength & Versatility
Person throwing a line into a tunnel
Guy bowfishing off a BOTE board
Hunter & his dog

Sean holding a fish he caught
Throwing out duck decoys
Person holding up a caught fish
Woman scalloping

Person throwing a cast net
Getting fish back in water
People fishing on a BOTE dock
Fish caught