A Western Flow

BOTE Presents //
A Western Flow

Photography: Sean Murphy

Flowing from Wyoming to Colorado, the Green River is a 730-mile winding watershed in the middle of the Western wilderness. White water rapids and ripping winds are not uncommon on the Green, making your watercraft one of your most important pieces of gear. Eager to test out BOTE’s inflatables in some challenging conditions, our Creative Director, Rob McAbee, and some of the BOTE team got together to conjure up the ultimate river trip.

Rob had dreamt of exploring the canyons and gorges of Utah ever since taking a float trip down the Big Horn River (MT) in 2013. This time, however, he wanted to take the trip to the next level by utilizing BOTE’s newest fishing specific inflatable, the Drift Bug Slinger™ Edition while fly fishing for trout along the way. After teaming up with BOTE ambassador and adventure athlete, Ian Provo, the trip began to take shape. The expedition consisted of the ultimate crew: BOTE Photographer, Sean Murphy, videographer, Cavin Brothers, Ambassador, Ian Provo, and friends Raphye Alexius and Shane (aka. “Smokey Joe”).


Collection of fishing flies
People gearing up
Three guys, a truck, and a lot of BOTE boards
Overlooking a dam
Girl pretending to hitchike
Sean sitting on a BOTE board
Guy paddling on a river
Guy paddling on a river 2
Overhead shot of guy paddling on a river
A guy taking a break from paddling
Sean catching a fish
Getting the tent ready
A guy carrying firewood
Picture of a fire
Picture of a fly
A box sitting on a stump
A guy blowing smoke
The sun going down on the horizon
A guy fly fishing
The night sky
Picture of birds flying
A guy getting back on his BOTE Board
A guy posing next to a BOTE Board
a guy jumping into the water
PIcture of the whole crew