Grambler - Out for Delivery

The story of a new product by BOTE Paddle Boards called the Grambler where four guys drive up the Pacifica Coast Highway to deliver a new paddle board to the man that inspired it‘s design.

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Paddleboarding with Kids

When I started paddle boarding my son was just over a year old, and he loved being on the water with me from the beginning. As time went on he became braver. Initially when I started paddling with my son Tristan, he would sit in between my legs without moving an inch, then gradually he started dipping his hands in the water, then he moved on to moving all over the board and having a blast. By the end of his first summer on a paddleboard, he would walk all over my board and made me work a little harder on stability.

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Made by the Military

To raise money on behalf of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), BOTE paddle board company created the Made by the Military project where members of the military and beneficiaries of SOWF were invited to build a one of a kind paddle board for auction.

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