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The BOTE Sandspear is a versatile stakeout and push pole for use in all shallow water activities. Utilize the stakeout function by simply inserting the spike side down through the stakeout holes in any of our compatible boards to anchor it in place. When you want to creep silently across a flat, turn the Sandspear around and push your board with the foot end. If 8' is too long for you, the Sandspear can be cut and reshaped to the desired length.

The Sandspear is also fully compatible with the Power Pole Micro™ Anchor.

Paddle board and other accessories sold separately.
BOTE paddle boards that are Sandspear compatible include:
6″ W × 96″ H × 3/4″ D
4.5 LBS


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No thru holes? No problem! 

The Sandspear Sheath allows you to utilize BOTE’s Sandspear to anchor your board in place. Simply attach the Sandspear Sheath to one of your Aero BOTE's many attachment points. Insert Sandspear into the sheath and enjoy shallow water anchoring in mud or sand.

The Sandspear Sheath is included on the following Aero BOTE models: HD Aero Bug Slinger™, Rackham Aero, and Rover Aero.
Sandspear sold separately.

No thru holes? No problem! 

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The Power-Pole Micro™ anchor provides hands-free anchoring in shallow water and keeps your position regardless of current or wind. Swift, silent, secure, and small, the Power-Pole Micro™ anchor is easily removable for storage or transfer to another craft. The Sandspear is interchangeable with the Power-Pole Micro™ anchor.

Sandspear sold separately.

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Robin H.
United States United States
Can't wait to use!!

So excited to finally have gotten a sand spear!! Can't wait to try it out during our Florida paddle vacation in May! Will definitely make it easier than stowing and dropping an anchor!

Pablo N.
United States United States
It changed my fly fishing experience

I do love the sand spear. Before I got it the wind would keep pushing my Lono either closer to the shore or away from it, and in tight spaces it would make it impossible to make more that 1 or 2 casts without having to leave my fishing pole, sit down, paddle to adjust, stand up, get my rod once more, and the continue casting. In shallow areas it is just perfect. I’m able to stay stationary and cast 360 degrees (or whatever I want). And in the bigger canals, where it is deep, I can still anchor at the side and stay close to the shore and cast parallel to the mangroves. I only used it once but I can already see how this will make a huge difference. I will probably get another sheath to be able to use the sand spear indistinctly on any side of the kayak.

Paul S.
United States United States
PS review

Great product the sand spear. Wish I could use it. HD doesn’t have a *********** thru the board to use the spear the way it was intended. The catolog and website did state that only certain products could accommodate the thru hull placement of the spear. Didn’t see that sentence until later in the fine print. Guess I ‘m sayin it would be better and more noticeable in bigger print and on the sand spear spec sheet it should stay which board types have the thru hull slot. I am sure I can figure out something to work.

Aaron C.
United States United States

Only used it once but worked perfectly !

Charles A.
United States United States
Charles Allott

Haven’t used yet.