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Rover Aero

It’s a skiff. It’s a dingy. It’s a tender. It’s a motorized inflatable paddle board. It’s a a bag. Meet the Rover Aero - our AeroBOTE technology makes it the most portable microskiff on the market. Transforming from travel bag to BOTE and back again, it’s easy to store, tags along on any adventure, and stands up to the toughest tests on any waterway, and hell...even baggage claim. So as you’re paddling, fishing, or motoring your way across the globe, Rover AERO’s got your back.

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Dimensions: 12' 6" X 40.5" X 11" Capacity: 500 LBS Avg. Weight: 63 LBS

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Rover Aero




Rock Solid


Solo Paddle

Plus One

Loaded Down

Portable Venture Platform

Just when you thought the Rover couldn't get any better - we made it portable enough to take on all your fishing expeditions, near and far. Offering the same sunken cockpit for a lower center of gravity and flat bottom for maximum stability as the Rover, but small enough to fit in it's suitcase-sized travel bag. Now, traveling to your next epic fishing destination doesn't have to mean leaving your ultimate fishing machine behind. Unpack, unroll, inflate, fish!

Portable Venture Platform

Rover Aero Advantages

Rover Aero Advantages

1. Two Chamber

For Stability & Capacity

2. Sunken Cockpit

For Lower Center of Gravity

3. Thick Rails

For Increased Stability

4. Attachment Points

1/4:20 Accessory Mounting Points

5. Entry Rocker

Keeps Nose Up & Sheds Water

What's Included

  • MotoRac

    The Moto Rac will fit securely to your board allowing your Rover to go from paddle to power in minutes.

  • MotoRac Receivers
    MotoRac Receivers

    Moto Rac Receivers are what will hold your Moto Rac in place. (See mounting details before use).

  • Three Piece Adjustable Paddle
    Three Piece Adjustable Paddle

    A well-balanced ABS edge blade design provides great stability and good power. An adjustable shaft allows you to easily change the length.

  • Grab Strap
    Grab Strap

    A removable, durable strap with comfort grip handle for added support and balance. The strap connects directly to mounting points on the forward deck of the board.

  • AeroGo Pump
    AeroGo Pump

    The AeroGo rechargable electric pump will fully inflate and deflate your Rover Aero in no time.

  • Hand Pump
    Hand Pump

    This manual pump inflates your inflatable by inserting the end of the hose into the inflate ports and pumping to the proper PSI.

  • Rac Receivers
    Rac Receivers

    The Rac Receivers mount directly to your board allowing you to deck it out for any expedition.


  • Paddle Sheath
    Paddle Sheath

    Use the Paddle Sheath to free up your hands for other tasks. Just insert the blade into the sheath and let gravity do the rest.

  • Sandspear Sheath
    Sandspear Sheath

    The Sandspear Sheath allows you to utilize BOTE’s Sandspear to anchor your board in place.

  • Inflatable Center Fin
    Inflatable Center Fin

    Use the removable 10” fins for increased tracking while paddling.


  • Repair Kit
    Repair Kit

    In case of any punctures or rips, our Repair Kit comes with patches, glue, and a valve tool.


Rover Aero will get you to and from the shore (or from island to island) in style. Since it can be deflated and stows conveniently in small places, you won’t have to worry about it filling up your hold.


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Loaded Bag Weights

Travel Bag

85 LBS

Fully Loaded

Remora Bag

25 LBS

Fully Loaded

Travel + Remora Bag

110 LBS

Fully Loaded

Designed Inside & Out

The portability of our AeroBOTEs is undeniable. Whether you have a smaller vehicle without a roof mounting system or you take public transportation, the Rover Aero can go with you. The Rover Aero Bag features wheels which allows you to easily transport your Rover Aero to places other boards can’t reach. The detachable Remora Bag buckles to the main Travel Bag and was specially designed to carry your Moto Rac and accessories.

Designed Inside & Out


Features only available on select styles

Entry Rocker

All inflatable boards have an entry rocker style hull. The entry rocker is designed to keep the board nose up and shed water.

Rac Compatible

Our paddleboards come with accessory integration systems that allow the paddler to “deck out” their board with our custom Racs.

Paddle Sheath

Located in the bow of the board, the Paddle Sheath™ allows the paddler to insert the blade end of the paddle into the slot, freeing up the hands for other activities.

Wheel Rac

Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the Wheel Rac receivers and rock & roll. The Wheel Rac’s oversized balloon tires will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort.

Grab Handle

Redesigned to be the most comfortable Grab Handle found on any paddleboard. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board.

BVA Deck Pad

The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction.

Cooler Tie Downs

Tie down points on the deck of the board, perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear).


Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear and are available on all of our board models.

Sandspear Sheath

The Sandspear Sheath allows you to utilize BOTE’s Sandspear to anchor your board in place.

Power-Pole® Micro

Mounting points for a Power-Pole® Micro wireless shallow water anchor.

Attachment Points

Accessory mounting points allow for any 1/4:20 accessory attachment. Found along both rails of the board.

Power Well

Inset power well improves performance and safety, allowing you to trim the motor up when paddling.

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Packing & Unpacking Is Easy

Packing & Unpacking Is Easy

Remove the rolled up board from the Rover Aero bag and unroll.

Attach the included AeroGo pump to the lower chamber valve located at the bottom of the deck pad, and then The upper chamber valve located at the nose.

Each chamber is to be filled until the pressure reaches 11 PSI.

When you are ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse ... easy as 1,2,3.

Effortless Inflation with the AeroGo Pump

The AeroGo Rechargeable Pump makes short work of inflating (and deflating) your Rover Aero. Just connect the hose, set the PSI and go. Don't worry about finding an outlet or hooking up to a car battery, the AeroGo will inflate and deflate your Rover Aero 2-3 times on a single charge. It comes in it's own convenient carry bag and fits inside the Remora Bag for transport with your Rover Aero, wherever you're off to. The best part, it's included with the Rover Aero (a $250 value).

AeroGo works with any AeroBOTE.

Effortless Inflation with the AeroGo Pump
6HP Hidea Motor

6HP Hidea Motor

The Hidea HDF6 outboard motor is an excellent choice to pair with your new Rover Aero. It offers the largest displacement of any one cylinder outboard in this hp and weight class. It provides all the power you need to push the Rover Aero up to 16 Mph*. This engine does that as well as providing fuel efficiency second to none and a redesigned carrying handle and holding grip make it convenient to transport!

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Grab Rac

Grab Rac

Insert into the forward Rac Receivers to further enhance your adventure. Use it as support while running. Nylon molle loops are riveted to the marine grade aluminum risers to allow for multiple gear attachment points. The BVA foam hook caddy will keep your go-to flies and lures easily accessible.

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The Power Pole® Micro™ wireless shallow water anchor system is a fisherman’s best friend. Slide up on your fishing spot in dead silence and use the anchor to keep your position regardless of current or wind. Rover has mounting points for the Micro™ on both sides of the board. BOTE’s Sandspear is interchangeable with the Power-Pole® Micro™ anchor.

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