Rider Series SUP+Kayak Hybrids

Redefining the Hybrid SUP Experience

Versatile, innovative, and designed for enthusiasts of all levels, the Rider Series redefines water adventures. Whether you prefer sitting down to kayak or standing up to paddle, these boards are tailored to offer the ultimate in flexibility and performance. The Rider Series is perfect for solo explorations or tandem journeys, adapting seamlessly to your style and the water’s call.

Meet the Lineup

Kids FlowRider Aero




LowRider Aero

Elevate your adventure with the inflatable LowRider, our elite SUP+Kayak hybrid watercraft. Coming ready with removable seats and SUP+Kayak Hybrid Paddles, it’s outfitted with BOTE’s signature elements. From securing your KULA Coolers with dedicated tie-downs to leveraging our Rac Systems for optimized utility, and innovative MAGNEPOD™ attachment points to secure your drinks, it’s the embodiment of water versatility.

Whether embarking on a solo mission with the 10′6″ or teaming up for a tandem adventure with the 11′6″, the LowRider Aero was designed to offer the ultimate flexibility and performance.

EasyRider Aero

Embark on unmatched water adventures with the inflatable EasyRider, our meticulously designed beginner-friendly SUP+Kayak hybrid watercraft. Featuring a removable seat and SUP+Kayak Hybrid Paddle, we’ve jam-packed it with BOTE’s no-nonsense features like the versatile Travelink™ and innovative MAGNEPOD™ attachment points.

Every journey promises utmost convenience and style. The 10′4″ EasyRider is perfectly sized to kickstart your water adventures, striking a balance between form and function.

FlowRider Aero

Let the kids dive into the world of water sports with our FlowRider, a tailor-made children’s hybrid paddle board. Expertly designed with a detachable seat and a custom Kids SUP+Kayak Hybrid Paddle, the FlowRider offers the ultimate “on-the-water training wheels.”

Your little one isn’t just learning; they’re conquering both kayaking and paddle boarding. Their future in watersports starts here.