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sweat it out on the water

Whether you're a land-loving yogi or a born and raised water baby, SUP fitness brings a new opportunity to connect your inner self with your outer surroundings.

Flood aero

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Operation phoenix

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TOP fitness inflatable PADDLE BOARDS

When choosing your board, inflatables are perfect for their durability and portability. You want to take it to serene, untouched nature, right? Well, an inflatable lets you do just that by rolling it up into its portable bag and hauling it on your back.

Flood aero

Available in 11′


Available in 11′6″

traveller aero

Available in 12′6″

TOP fitness solid PADDLE BOARDS

There are few water vessels more versatile and mobile than a stand up paddle board. You can reach waters less traveled for an adventurous afternoon, go for a sunrise yoga session on the lake and get a killer workout while paddling against a current.


Available in 10′6″


Available in 10′6″ and 12′


Available in 10′6″ and 12′


Available in 12′6″ and 14′

TOP fitness DOCKS

Swap out the yoga mat for a Dock FX, grab the same essentials (like water and a towel), and you're set for a power flow like you've never experienced. Throw some resistance bands on and you are ready for a HITT workout complete with a full on ab challenge.

dock fx CLASSIC

Available in 3′x8′

dock fx FULL TRAX

Available in 3′x8′

dock fx NATIVE

Available in 3′x8′


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