Bug Slinger™ is an art driven brand, born somewhere between the Florida Keys and the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, created around artistic designs to reflect a fresher insight into the fly fishing sport.

“I’ve always loved apparel and was injected into the outdoor industry early on in my career. I grew up surfing and eventually got into fly fishing. What was so cool about surfing back in the ’80s was the apparel brands; the clothes created a vibe that was a reflection of my personality and personal style. But when I pivoted into another hobby, fly fishing, there wasn’t anything for people like me--a little bit rock ‘n roll, part-time surf bum--so I created Bug Slinger™.” - Rob McAbee, BOTE Creative Director

Bug Slinger™ Fly Gear caters to the fly fishing enthusiast, the sophisticated angler, and the traveler who knows our sport.

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