Aero Lounge Backyard

Still checking all the boxes for portability, storability and durability, we’ve expanded beyond an inflatable couch and chair. Three newly released products come together to make up the full-on outdoor furniture and games collection—the Aero Lounge Suite.


We took everything we loved out of a traditional Adirondack chair and made it inflatable. Plus, it comes complete with essential features like MAGNEPOD™ to make it compatible with all your favorite accessories.

Aero Table

An inflatable coffee table ready to be the hub of your next picnic or camping trip. MAGNEPOD™ attachment points guarantee no spilled drinks while celebrating a victory while tailgating.

Aero Bag Toss

We’ve taken a quintessential outdoor game and made it insanely portable and storable. And thanks to the rigidity achieved by AeroTech, this version plays just as smoothly as its wooden counterpart.

Aero Couch

Designed to sit low to the ground, the Aero Couch is perfect 
for kicking it back on the beach, chillin' on the boat, pre-gaming at a tailgate or just porch sitting. All while keeping with the tradition of durability, convenience and portability that Aero products have become known for.

Aero Chair

Meet the most portable, compact, lightweight, comfortable chair around - the patented Aero Chair. Yep, it's inflatable. When deflated, it folds up to fit in the smallest of spaces. Available in two sizes: Standard and XL.

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