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Paddle Board Yoga

namaste on the water

Paddle Board Yoga

namaste on the water

Paddle Board Yoga Collection

Traditional paddle boarding is what gets you hooked on the lifestyle, but the adaptations of your stand up paddle board are what keep you coming back for more. Ever since opening our doors, BOTE has been brainstorming ways to keep you on the water longer with inventive and down-right awesome transformations. You can fish from it. You can surf on it. Hell, you can even inflate our Aero Inflatables for a comfy and elevated camper bed. And yeah, you can namaste on it, too.

When it comes to paddle board yoga, look no further than our collection of ultra-durable and simply stable paddle boards.

The Benefits of Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle board yoga may have been a niche pastime for some, but its benefits are helping this fitness trend gain a lot of traction over the past several years.

A girl doing yoga on a BOTE Breeze Gatorshell Paddle Board

The Perfect Backdrop

You can’t beat the backdrop of nature, so combining traditional yoga (which usually takes place in a mirrored-packed studio) with mountainous views and mirror-like water bring a layer of calmness you can’t find elsewhere. Sometimes the hardest part of yoga is getting into the groove, but with paddle board yoga, you’ll find yourself centered in no time.

A girl doing yoga on a BOTE Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board

An Added Challenge

By taking your yoga routine from land to water, you’ll find an added challenge in staying upright and stable. And with added challenge comes added wins - your core, upper, and lower body will be on overdrive for added benefit. Start with your go-to easy moves, like a cat/cow, and you’ll quickly notice the extra effort needed to stay in position.

A girl doing yoga on a BOTE Inflatable Paddle Board

A New Adventure

Paddle board yoga expands your horizons by allowing you to take your workout to the great outdoors, virtually anywhere. As much as you change up your routine, change up your location with it. Simply put: you’ll never get bored.

When It Comes to Paddle Board Yoga - Go Full Trax

Before jumping into our collection of yoga paddle boards, all durable and stable in their own right, we want to give you this insider tip: When it comes to paddle board yoga, go Full Trax.

While pretty much all of our stand up paddle boards, both Gatorshell and Aero, have a Trax pad smack center, allowing you to firmly plant your feet on the board and giving you the power to sweep your paddle in and out of the water, a Full Trax board extends the full length of the deck pad. When it comes to downward dog and warrior 1 (and 2 and 3, for that matter), you’re gonna want the traction of a Full Trax SUP so you can extend yourself from nose to tail.

A group of people doing yoga on BOTE watercraft

Gatorshell Paddle Board Yoga Collection

These solid paddle boards are constructed with Gatorshell Technology, a proprietary design conjured up in our very own Darkroom. Our Gatorshell SUPs are 6X tougher than your traditional epoxy board, sleek as hell, and abrasion-resistant (for when you, well, don’t land your scorpion pose). And each of these boards offers a Full Trax option so you can become one with your board.

Girl doing a yoga pose on a BOTE Breeze Gatorshell Paddle Board

Breeze Gatorshell Paddle Board

Known as the ‘flagship of fun,’ the Breeze Gatorshell Paddle Board will have you nailing your yoga poses in record time. Offered in two sizes, 10’6” and 11’6”, it can accommodate just about any aspiring yogi. Its planing-style hull and wide base (32” and 34”, respectively) provide extra stability for balance during poses.

Flood Gatorshell Paddle Board

If you’re looking for more length in your board, the Flood Gatorshell Paddle Board offers a 10’6” and 12’ length. Compared to the Breeze Gatorshell, you’ll notice a slightly slimmer width with the same planing-style hull. This means you still have stability and security thanks to the flat hull style, just a little less width to work with.

guy holding a yoga pose on a Flood Gatorshell Paddle Board
A guy carrying a HD Gatorshell Paddle Board

HD Gatorshell Paddle Board

The HD Gatorshell Paddle Board offers a fitness experience different from the Breeze and the Flood, with a displacement-style hull that can cut through chop in the water. HD stands for ‘hybrid displacement’, meaning it mimics a traditional surf-style hull in the middle of the board, transitioning into a displacement-style hull with a bulbous nose that sits above the water. So how does that translate to yoga? You may notice a slight increase in board shifting during certain poses. But hey, who doesn’t like a little challenge?

aero inflatable Paddle Board Yoga Collection

Whenever we design an epic Gatorshell SUP, we can’t help ourselves - we have to replicate it with an equally rad Aero Inflatable SUP. All designed using Aero Technology and all ready to be packed down into their dedicated travel bag, these boards offer unsurpassed rigidity, performance, and aesthetic. The use of composite drop stitch fibers connecting the top and bottom of the board (both constructed with military-grade PVC), creates an equally distributed and durable board when inflated to the proper PSI.

Woman holding a yoga pose on Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

Easy to secure your flip-flops with its front bungees, and even easier to paddle out to your happy place, the Breeze Aero Inflatable Paddle Board takes your mind, body, and soul virtually anywhere. Offered in two sizes, 10’8” and 11’6”, the Breeze’s flat bottom and wide base offer supreme stability in any yoga pose.

Flood Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

The Flood Aero Inflatable Paddle Board is 11’ of yoga studio on the water. Its flat, wide base, like all of our inflatables, sits higher above the water than its Gatorshell counterpart, giving you added stability while doing paddle board yoga. This SUP is ready for your next adventure, just pack it down into its travel bag, sling it over your shoulder, and go find yourself a place to, well, find yourself.

Yoga pose on a Flood Aero Inflatable Paddle Board
Yoga pose on a HD Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

HD Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

Just like its Gatorshell companion, the HD Aero Inflatable Paddle Board sports a hybrid displacement hull for the added challenge of centered, smooth yoga poses. It’s slightly wider, 34” wide to be exact, offering the stability you need to nail that pose you’ve been working on for months. Tough as nails, slick as a fox, and centered at the core - that’s the HD Aero.