Breeze Anniversary: Aero vs. Gatorshell

Breeze Aero vs. Breeze Gatorshell: An Epic Tale of Innovation and Lifestyle-Defining Paddle Boards

It is officially the anniversary of the Breeze paddle board, and we feel nostalgic. Join us as we embark on a trip down memory lane and highlight the evolution and comparison of two badass products from our fleet of paddle boards: the Breeze Aero and the Breeze Gatorshell. These two bad boys perfectly embody our unwavering mission to:

Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas, and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.

So, without further ado, it is time to dive headfirst into the rich history and innovative features of the Breeze Aero and Breeze Gatorshell and learn why we call these boards ‘the Flagship of Fun’.

the early days: the birth of breeze aero

Cast your mind back to February 29, 2020, when we unleashed the Breeze Aero onto the paddleboarding scene. With its introduction, this board immediately caught the attention of water lovers and earned it the title of ‘the Flagship of Fun’. It initially came in one size, the 10′8″ model, boasting the convenience of Travelink™ attachment points, revolutionizing the way you carry your gear and ensuring a hassle-free experience on and off the water. This game-changing feature made the Breeze Aero a go-to choice for adventurers on the move.

Using Travelink™ to carry Breeze Aero
Breeze Aero in travel bag

expanding horizons: breeze aero 11′6″

Recognizing the growing demand for a larger paddleboard option, we went above and beyond. On October 14, 2020, we unveiled the impressive Breeze Aero 11′6″. This addition was a direct response to the feedback from our passionate paddling community. By offering a bigger size, we opened up new possibilities for more individuals to experience the sheer joy of paddleboarding.

The Breeze Aero 11′6″ built upon the tremendous success of its predecessor, the Breeze Aero 10′8″. We carefully listened to the needs and desires of our paddling enthusiasts, and as a result, this remarkable board was born. With its extended length, it not only provided enhanced stability but also offered ample room for exploration and adventure.

By expanding our size options, the Breeze Aero series became even more inclusive. Paddlers of varying heights and preferences could now discover their perfect match in our lineup. With the Breeze Aero 11′6″, we were able to cater to a wider audience, enabling more people to enjoy the exceptional experience of paddleboarding.

Paddling Breeze Aero
Breeze Aero on top of Beetle
Size Comparison Breeze Aero

enter the breeze gatorshell: the best of both worlds

But we didn't stop there. On December 2, 2020, we introduced the Breeze Gatorshell series, starting with the incredible Breeze Gatorshell 10′6″. This board seamlessly combined the beloved Travelink™ attachment points from the Aero series with an ingenious addition—cooler tie-down points. We wanted to provide you with even greater functionality, making it easier than ever to keep your refreshments cool while enjoying your paddleboarding excursions. BOTE took cues from the success of both the Breeze Aero sizes and created the Breeze Gatorshell 11′6″, which was launched on July 5, 2022. The Breeze Gatorshell combined the best features of its predecessors while introducing new innovations. Available in the popular 11′6″ size, the Breeze Gatorshell became the epitome of versatility and style.

Two Paddling Breeze Paddle Boards
Carrying Breeze Paddle Board with Travelink™

MAGNEPOD™: a stroke of genius

With the introduction of the Breeze Gatorshell, BOTE went above and beyond by adding MAGNEPOD™ technology. This innovative feature allowed paddleboarders to securely attach accessories, like the MAGNEBoom speaker, using magnetic attachment points. The MAGNEPOD™ system revolutionized the way paddleboarders customize their boards, making every adventure unique and convenient.

MAGNEBoom Swell Waterproof Speaker

breeze gatorshell vs. breeze aero:
the showdown

Now, let's compare these two exceptional boards side by side:


  • Breeze Aero: Initially available in a single 10′8″ size, later expanded to include an 11′6″ size.
  • Breeze Gatorshell: Introduced in a 10′6″ size, expanded with the addition of an 11′6″ size.


  • Breeze Aero: Travelink™ attachment points for securing your gear.
  • Breeze Gatorshell: Retained Travelink™ attachment points, added cooler tie-down points, and MAGNEPOD™.


  • Breeze Aero: Utilizes a durable and lightweight construction.
  • Breeze Gatorshell: Built with Gatorshell technology for enhanced durability and longevity.


Size Comparison Breeze Aero vs. Breeze Gatorshell

On this special anniversary, we proudly reflect on the incredible journey of our Breeze Aero and Breeze Gatorshell paddle boards. The continuous feedback from our passionate paddling community has guided us in shaping these remarkable boards. Whether you prefer the compact versatility of the Breeze Aero or the enhanced functionality of the Breeze Gatorshell, both series embody the essence of BOTE's commitment to quality and innovation.

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