BOTE Presents //

Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Tyler Trant
Director: Wil Beaucher
Producer: Skye Bailey

"Insane. Off-the-rails. Creative genius." Three words BOTE Founder, Corey Cooper, uses to describe Sean Murphy. That passion and energy has fueled the fire that is BOTE's visual identity for over 10 years. Now, the BOTE team has put together a 400+ page book that no other brand has attempted. Enjoy seeing the [r]evolution of BOTE through the lens of Director of Photography, Sean Murphy, and his uniquely visual and profoundly breathtaking photographs.

Just can't stop
Spray Paint
BOTE Vehicle
Darkroom Team
HD Paddle Board in field of flowers
Pink bird flying
HD Bug Slinger Echo
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy
Kayak Sketch
Man holding a DEUS Kayak
Everglades Expedition
Bowl Cut
Sean Murphy Photoshoot
Underwater Photography
Magda Cooper
Magda Cooper swimming next to a paddle board
Magda Cooper swimming laps
Man carrying a Flood paddle board
Roadway at night
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy holding a camera in the water
Photoshoot Day

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