Basic Stand Up Paddling Techniques

Knowing the multiple paddle strokes and basics can help ensure you maximize the potential of your board.

The main paddle strokes are:

  1. Forward Stroke- used to propel forward
  2. Reverse Stroke- used to move backwards
  3. Forward Sweep- used for sharp/fast turns

A few quick pointers:

  • Hinge at the hips to bury the blade fully in the water
  • Stop your stroke at your feet
  • Paddling is a full-body movement, not an arm movement
  • Be sure to have your paddle perpendicular to the board (straight up and down) while paddling forward and backwards
  • When turning (sweep strokes) be sure your paddle is parallel.
  • To sweep stroke, paddle in the shape of a "C" until you turn in the direction you'd like to go.