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Realtree Turkey Hunting

featured Turkey hunting on paddle board ryan hambel with turkey trophy

Ambassador Ryan Hambel took his 12' HD Realtree out for a turkey hunt only to find that his board was the perfect platform to create some stealth while hunting!

Last week I got to utilize the versatility of my board, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by airboat canals, and cypress swamps. 

Growing up, trips to the hunting camp pretty much dominated any weekend that my brother and I didn't have a sporting event going on. However, by the time I was thirteen and could get dropped off to go fishing with friends, I found every excuse to stay away from the woods--not because I didn't enjoy hunting, but because fishing was more of my thing. 

My brother, Doug, from what I had heard, had turned into a remarkable turkey hunter. After years of hearing stories and a little persuasion from him, he finally convinced me to head back to the woods for a hutning trip. We set out for a particular bird he had been seeing since the start of the spring season. From the very first hunt, I was hooked! Although the bird we wanted managed to stay out of range, the experience was captivating to say the least.

Our second trip out, as we were setting up, we realized that we had managed to scare away all the birds on the roost in our near vicinity. Hoping to find more birds without scaring them off, my innovative brother thought up the idea of us bringing our boards to be able to stealthily approach the birds. The previous hunts both the hens and gobblers stayed on the rim ditches and the only thing that limited us from moving closer was the water, so taking out our paddle boards seemed like the perfect solution. 

ryan hambel turkey hunting

ryan hambel turkey hunting on board

I was able to hang decoy bags, a ground blind, and fold up chair on the board with ease. From start to finish the hunt was picture perfect. After killing my first Osceola gobbler, it was the icing on the cake to put him on my board, and paddle back to the truck. I will definitely be using my board on hunts from here on out and look forward to hunting in the fall! 

bote ambassador with turkey trophy

For all you turkey hunters: Beard- 9 1/2" Spurs- 1 1/4"

Written by: Ryan Hambel

Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 in Stories