Introducing The Breeze 10'6" Gatorshell Edition

If you're familiar with the BOTE brand, you probably know our fleet has evolved pretty dramatically over the years. We've expanded into new categories in the outdoor space, including everything from kayaks and micro skiffs to inflatable docks and seating. But at our core we're still a stand up paddle board company.

As we took a step back to evaluate our solid paddle board line up we realized something was missing. We offer multiple options for everyone from paddle fishing enthusiasts to SUP yoga and fitness fanatics, to expeditionists and long distance paddlers. And while we offer several solid paddle board and inflatable options for recreationalists (like the Flood and HD), we were missing something for the part timers and first timers who just want to get out on the water sometimes. But also for the minimalist, who doesn't require a suite of compatibility options, and smaller paddlers, who don't need excess material weighing them down.

Introducing the Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board, Gatorshell edition. Our lightest weight solid paddle board at our most approachable price point.


The Flood and HD are staples in our solid paddle board fleet and for good reason. They're the quintessential do-it-all SUPs that can be decked out to suit nearly every SUP activity. But as we analyzed the solid paddle board line up, we quickly recognized that while the Flood is a particularly great choice beginner paddling, a true beginner or part timer may be paying for features they don't intend to use. Further, a slightly wider surface would offer more stability for those who need to establish their sea legs.

At our most accessible price point for a solid paddle board, the Breeze is lightweight, stable, and durable, but also paired with our signature eye-catching designs and essential compatibility features. Needless to say, the Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board does more than just get the job done.


Just like its Breeze Aero counterpart, our new Breeze solid paddle board is made for first timers, part timers, smaller paddlers, and growing paddlers.

The Breeze 10'6" is a great paddle board for anybody that just doesn't want to invest in secondary features--they want a high quality paddle board that gets them on the water without breaking the bank. Someone who's not ready to say they're committed to a specific activity because they want to dabble in everything. Plus, it's super high end for the price point.

Rob McAbee, BOTE Creative Director

First-Time SUP Buyers

Buying your first paddle board? It can be an overwhelming process. There are a lot of brands out there either focusing on price or features, and it's hard to pinpoint where the two intersect to provide the best value. Look no further than the Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board. It offers the stability you need to grow comfortable on the water along with durability to get through those first few carries when you accidentally hit the tail on the sidewalk or run into corner of a wall making a tight turn. Equipped with Gatorshell Technology and wrapped in signature BOTE designs, this SUP was built to make you look good even through the awkward stages.

P.S. Before you hit the water, check out our SUP Basics for Beginners journal.

Smaller Paddlers

Ever been referred to as "small but mighty" or "strong for your size"? These terms of endearment parlay into a key factor when choosing the right board: your size. Good news, your compact size (under 220 lbs, including all paddle accessories) means you don't need a lot of board to move efficiently across the water on the Breeze. In fact, too much board is going to weigh you down and exhaust your energy before you can even get to the fun part--like drinking on the sandbar or diving into hidden springs.

Part Time Recreationalists

Are you an advanced beginner in all your hobbies? Maybe because you have so many, it's hard to pick one and settle in for the long haul. Trust us, we get it. The Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board is the perfect SUP board to use throughout the year for when you want to dabble in a little SUP surfing here and recreational paddling there (maybe even give SUP yoga a try), but certainly can't be pinned down to one hobby. Because what's the fun in that?

Growing Paddlers

If your little one is on the verge of outgrowing the Flow (our inflatable paddle board for kids) and shows no signs of slowing down, the Breeze is a great next step they'll be able to use for many years to come. Another great option is the Breeze Aero, for when compact storage and portability come into play.


When designing this SUP board we paid special attention to the most important details and stripped away anything that would weigh it down and slow down your paddle session. What's left? The ultimate entry level SUP.

Durability Meets Portability

Designed with our proprietary Gatorshell Technology, this solid paddle board is absurdly durable for its weight and ease of portability. Clocking in at just 31 lbs, the Breeze 10′6″ is easy to carry on its own but also compatible with our Travelink Sling so you can disperse the weight of the board across your shoulders and back.

Stability And Stealth

We paired the planing style hull with a wide surface, giving paddlers added stability without compromising stealth and speed. At 32" wide, a width we'd usually apply to longer boards, finding your footing is easy--so you can concentrate on your stride and speed, not simply standing up.

Just The Essentials

We stripped away what we deemed nonessential for beginner and part time paddlers and kept the importance stuff, like front bungees, cooler tie-downs, and a leash attachment point on tail.

With the Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board it's as simple as this: do more with less. Just like every other product we offer, the Breeze is the best in its class. Period. Corey, our CEO, Co-Founder, and lead engineer, says it best: "We stand apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle."

Ready to dabble in the SUP lifestyle? Dive in with the most innovative, approachable, and damn good looking paddle board for the price: the Breeze 10′6″ Paddle Board.

We stand apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.

Corey Cooper, BOTE CEO, Co-Founder, and Lead Engineer