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Travelink Sling

Travelink Sling

Featuring durable swivel clips, the Travelink™ Sling clicks right into the latch points allowing you to lift and carry the board hands free with ease.

The Sling is an adjustable strap, constructed with high strength nylon, double stitched for durability and a rubber mesh backing for comfort.

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*Travelink™ Hitchhikers Sold Separately

Note: For use with Travelink™ compatible boards only.



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    Needs to be adjustable

    This strap needs to be adjustable. I am 5’2 and Love the sling when walking on flat ground but going up hill or stairs, the board is so long the board hits the stair or hill before I get to it. I have to pick way up on the strap to go up. I am having to cut it and have it re sewn for my short self!!

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    does not hold up

    Mine did not last long with the rackham board. the neoprene part on the underside has started to fall apart. No big deal there but a little annoying. The bigger issue is that the clasp that connects to the board has bent out over time under the weight of the rackham board and is now useless and kind of necessary for the rackham board to be transported because of how heavy it is.

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Woman carrying Flood Gatorshell with Travelink