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BOTE was founded in Destin, FL by husband and wife team Corey and Magda Cooper, with the purpose of reshaping the standup paddle board industry from what was largely identified as surfing offshoot to a distinct culture built on conceptually simple, aesthetically pleasing and functionally innovative products that would appeal to people from all walks of life. The company has rapidly redefined the industry through the delivery of a distinguished brand built on a distinct mission; “To stand apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.”


If you’re reading this job description and already thinking you probably could have written it better, then you’re in the right place.

BOTE is looking for a full-time Copywriter to do the hefty task of communicating the brand’s intense visual style and roguish personality in written form. This is a nuanced and multidimensional role that will require a writing style that is equal parts professional, irreverent, outspoken, and respectful. We speak with authority, but never with arrogance.

The ideal candidate will have experience in written formats including press releases, blog posts, social media copy, email copy, website copy (including SEO best practices), and more. Work experience in or an intense passion for watersports is a must, as you need to be able to write with first-hand, infallible knowledge of our products and the activities that they enable.


  • Work seamlessly with Creative and Marketing Operations teams to understand overarching project brief and perform against parameters and requirements specific to the project.
  • Transition from SEO-dense product page copy to personality-filled blog posts to succinct email copy styles flawlessly while maintaining the appropriate brand voice in each platform.
  • Perform interviews with Brand Ambassadors, Creative Team members, BOTE executives, etc. as needed and transcribe/transform into written deliverables.
  • Integrate with Public Relations agency to infuse written press materials with brand voice and personality while maintaining the high standards demanded by the format.
  • Manage a myriad of different writing tasks and styles at any given time and throughout various stages of project completion.
  • Rewrite existing copy as needed to improve SEO or brand voice, depending on requirements.
  • Proofread copy provided by teammates to ensure all written output maintains the same high standards of both grammatical correctness and brand personality.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Passionate about the paddleboard industry and the lifestyle that the BOTE brand represents
  • Constantly editing every single thing they read in daily life to the point where it is almost an obsession
  • Action-oriented, self-motivated, and hard-working individual
  • Thrives in a fast-paced and high-energy environment
  • Fast learner who is willing get their hands dirty and learn on the job
  • Considers themselves a multitasking wizard
  • Desires a career that offers long-term professional satisfaction


  • Associate’s Degree or Equivalent Professional Experience
  • 4+ years of experience in creative and SEO-focused writing in a professional setting
  • Excellent time management abilities with a proven ability to multi-task and manage several deadlines at once
  • Ability to work individually and in a team environment
  • Passion for paddle boarding/water sports a must
  • Must be able to submit work examples and/or perform skills test as needed

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