BOTE Flood 120 All-Around Stand Up Paddleboard

Form and Function Unite

The fun board, the long board, the cruising board, that all 'round board. Volume, length, and shape combine to make this board all of the above. The "Surf Style" shape makes this board more friendly in open water or at the beach riding waves. Similar in shape to the HD, it has a comparable capacity and offers similar similar goodies like the Stashpod™, Tackle Rac Receivers and bungees. Don't let the word "Surf" fool you, this bad boy still paddles like a it looks really cool on top of your car!

Bug Slinger™

What's the Difference?

Get the skinny on the different styles. Who knows, you might learn something.

Features & Innovations

  • Front & Rear Bungee

    Adjustable bungee straps allow quick and easy storage of extra gear.

  • Stashpod

    Watertight storage, an integrated bottle opener and a place for your favorite beverage; the Stashpod is the ultimate lifestyle addition.

  • Multi-Texture Deck Pad

    The “B” - logo texture is heat embossed onto the surface of the foam, not only providing incredible grip and comfort, but eliminating water absorption, making the board lighter and faster than traditional deck pads.

  • Grab Handle

    Completely redesigned to be the most comfortable grab handle found on any paddle board. No more numb fingers or weak leverage while transporting your board.

  • Cooler Tie Downs

    Conveniently located cooler tie downs allow you to strap a cooler (or anything really) to the deck of your board keeping things secure when waters get rough.

  • Tackle Rac

    Compatible with BOTE's unique Tackle Rac which has 2 rod holders and countless attachment points for 3rd party accessories like additional rod holders to GoPro® cameras. Learn More


12' Flood [Native]
12' Flood [Bug Slinger™]


Dimensions 12' x 32" x 5"
Apprx. Weight 30 lbs (No Gear)
Core EPS Foam Core
Capacity Max Weight - 350 lbs





*Compared to other BOTE Paddle Boards

BOTE Flood 120 Native SUP Specifications

Decked Out

A view of the Flood decked out with accessories and gear

One of the great things about owning a BOTE is having options. Options that allow you to outfit your BOTE the way you want for the things you like to do. No other platform combines the versatility, innovation and ease of use the way a BOTE does.


BOTE Flood 120 Native Paddle Board Profile

12' Flood


$1,399.00 $1,119.20
BOTE Flood 120 Bug Slinger Fishing Paddle Board Profile

12' Flood

[Bug Slinger™]

$1,499.99 $1,199.99


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