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Operation Phoenix

Josh is a Special Operations combat Veteran with multiple rotations to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, along with numerous other deployments around the globe in support of the War on Terror. Moreover, Josh is a wounded warrior with seven documented traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with loss of consciousness—four from explosive blasts, two by parachute landing falls, and one more from combative training.

Chiefland Experience

In the Northwest corner of Florida before the turn of the Panhandle, there is a small town, that to this day, has many characteristics of old- Florida. Traditionally based on agriculture—primarily farming, ranching, and timber—Chiefland has changed very little since the early to mid 1900’s, and takes you back in time to a Florida unknown to most.

Black's Island

It's not too often that people can escape reality via a 15 minute pontoon boat ride. Call it a fantasy, a dream or whatever...we at BOTE call it a weekend trip to Black's Island.

Grambler Out for Delivery

The first day I met Tim Bluhm the rain was falling in buckets. Tim is a musician, surfer, traveler and an old California soul. He is the lead singer in the band, The Mother Hips, and also plays in his wife's band, Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers. Once the rain subsided, both bands formed into one to give Fernandina Beach an epic musical performance. 

Made by the Military

The Made by the Military project was created by BOTE paddle boards as a way to raise money for an important cause, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). in May of 2015, BOTE invited four people together to participate in the construction of a special edition paddle board. 


Nope. We haven’t opened a photography lab. We’ve simply borrowed the nomenclature for BOTE’s latest endeavor, The DarkRoom. The DarkRoom isn’t just a space; it’s a project with a purpose.

Surviving the Everglades

Describing this adventure is not easy. There are so many layers. Can I just write a super long run on sentence? I don't consider myself a writer even a little bit. Come to think of it, I didn't think of myself as a paddle boarder either, but I just paddled a little under a hundred miles in the Everglades in four days.